Friday, March 27, 2015

Freaked out Friday - Hamburgers

Human Nature. We're a strange and crazy lot, the human race. We cry at sappy movies. We root for the underdog. And sadly, we shut out those who are different. What does that have to do with today's post? It's time to get our freak on for hamburgers.

We all have our passions. And Hamburgers is mine. As a small child, I could barely talk, I remember standing beside my grandfather on the seat of his truck as he drove us to either Krystal or Shoneys, chanting, Hamburger, Pa. He didn't deny my passion.

I usually reserve the weekend to indulge. I go for the juicier and cheesier the better the hamburger is. I like pickles and lettuce. Sometimes a tomato and bacon for sure.

Image result for thick bacon cheeseburgersBut the pattie is the most important. It has to be thick at least 1/4 lb and preferably 1/3 pound. I use a combo of ground sirloin and chuck, then add a little olive oil. And I prefer grassfed beef, fillers or hormones. Yes, quality does make a difference in the meatier taste.

The seasonings should enhance, but not overpower. I like a little Montreal steak seasoning, salt, pepper, garlic and Worcestershire.

Toppings are important. Again, cheese is key. I like medium cheddar and colby jack the best. But sharp cheddar, hoop cheese, provolone, and swiss also work. No American cheese unless it's velveeta and nice and thick oozing over the sides.

Image result for thick bacon cheeseburgersBacon should be thick and can be enhanced when cooking. I like pepper bacon, barbecue bacon and even sweet/sour bacon. I make mine with a combo of brown sugar and mustard.

Pickles are the last must have topping. Crisp dills are perfect. But if I'm eating a barbecue bacon burger then I use my homemade sweet, hot pickles. If you want the recipe just email me and I'll shoot it out to you. Image result for thick bacon cheeseburgers

Because I make such thick patties, and pile on the toppings, I don't normally eat fries. It's not that I don't like them, but they fill me up too fast and then I'm left with half a hamburger.

Onion rings are my preferred side choice, but again, I've usually overdone it with the hamburger, I only have room to eat one burger.

Happy Weekend.

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