Monday, March 30, 2015

Making the best of Monday

I love spring. It's not only a rebirth of the world, where buds reappear on trees, the grass greens up, and the days become longer.

It is my favorite time to purchase fresh foods. I love to begin eating lighter, healthier (somewhat). I am by no means a food purist. I enjoy things like cheese, mayonnaise, chips too well.

But, this time of year I fill my food basket with items like spinach and broccoli and vine ripened tomatoes and zucchini squash. Living in a small town, I was pleasantly surprised to find fresh vidalia onions with green tops. But, was disappointed the grocer didn't have any fresh herbs.

I'm a little under the weather, so writing today has been sporadic, but, I've filled my day by cooking. It relaxes me, and when the muse hits, I stop, write, then go back to cooking.

But, with our own fresh eggs and my newly purchased zucchini, I was able to make zucchini pie. The fragrant aroma of basil is coming from the kitchen.

And, I'm snacking on a somewhat healthier version of spinach dip. I used fresh spinach, garlic and green onions as the main ingredients. (It's not totally healthy because I don't use low fat mayo or sour cream). And the only yogurt in the house is Noosa brand, honey or raspberry.

Historical Euphemism of the day for Sex

Labor Leather Time Period: 1500 - 1600 Leather needs to be conditioned to keep soft and pliable aka lots and lots of practice in bed.