Monday, March 30, 2015

Making the best of Monday

I love spring. It's not only a rebirth of the world, where buds reappear on trees, the grass greens up, and the days become longer.

It is my favorite time to purchase fresh foods. I love to begin eating lighter, healthier (somewhat). I am by no means a food purist. I enjoy things like cheese, mayonnaise, chips too well.

But, this time of year I fill my food basket with items like spinach and broccoli and vine ripened tomatoes and zucchini squash. Living in a small town, I was pleasantly surprised to find fresh vidalia onions with green tops. But, was disappointed the grocer didn't have any fresh herbs.

I'm a little under the weather, so writing today has been sporadic, but, I've filled my day by cooking. It relaxes me, and when the muse hits, I stop, write, then go back to cooking.

But, with our own fresh eggs and my newly purchased zucchini, I was able to make zucchini pie. The fragrant aroma of basil is coming from the kitchen.

And, I'm snacking on a somewhat healthier version of spinach dip. I used fresh spinach, garlic and green onions as the main ingredients. (It's not totally healthy because I don't use low fat mayo or sour cream). And the only yogurt in the house is Noosa brand, honey or raspberry.

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