Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wacky Wednesday

Hello all. Welcome to my blog. I am a new author, with several works in progress. In the coming months I'll be publishing those titles as close together as possible. So check back often for previews and dates.

I thought I'd begin my blog with a little trivia that kind of goes with the theme of my first novel. Horse Racing with a little romantic twist.

Across the board: is a betting term for win, place, or show. In romance novels, it can mean several things, but my favorite would be from a bdsm novel, "climb up on the table and lay across the board face down. I'm going to strap you down and redden that pretty..." Well, you get the idea.

All Out: is another betting term that means the horse is trying at the best of his ability. In gay romance it might mean coming out of the closet, or more erotic romance, the slut can let it all hang out.

Backed: In horse race betting this means a horse that has a lot of bets placed on it. My favorite, and which most romance novels try to add, but is never tiring is-- He took a step toward her, she backed up, her eye darting, trying to find a way to escape. The corners of his mouth lifted, his eye blazed with triumph as he advanced. Her back hit the wall. There was no escape from his sensual onslaught...

Beeswax: UK slang term for betting tax. My imagination conjures up a bdsm dungeon, candle light flickering throughout the room, he's standing over his sub, candle held high, a patchwork of colors adorns the flushed, oiled skin of the sub desperately trying not to writhe in exquisite agony.

Boxed: This is to be trapped between two horse. Personally, I can think of better things to be trapped in between, two men, a man and a wall or table or bed.

I hope you enjoyed the sample.

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