Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors - #1 3/29/2015

I am excited to be a part of a group of talented writers. Wewriwa is a blog hop. When I found this, I noticed several authors that I've read their works. It was quite thrilling to be put in this company.

I hope you enjoy this excerpt and please stop by wewriwa and view other author's works. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

It was difficult to decide what to post. I mainly write romantic suspense, with erotic sex scenes. Erotica isn't the focus, but I don't believe in just thinking about sex. That's not the way the real world works, so why should my books.

Anyway, I've been toying with a paranormal romance. It involves a vibrant woman at fifty whose older husband has just died. The local shapeshifter caught her scent months ago as his fated mate. He's been biding his time, but now that the way is clear, he's ready for her to come to him.

This story came about from a friend's experience. She's fifty-three and her husband is sixty-four. The husband has type II diabetes and refuses to keep it under control. His kidney's are under a lot of burden, and she just knows his health is a ticking time bomb.

As of now, this wip is a romance. There may be scenes of a sexual nature, but that isn't the purpose here. It's a rebirth of sorts, that there is still life when death is close at hand.
It doesn't have a title, and the names of the characters are sure to change.
In this scene Judi, our female lead is returning home after months of sitting by her husband's bed at the hospital.

The car took the sharp curve a little too fast and Judi eased her foot of the gas slightly. It wouldn’t do to have an accident after everything she’d been through. She’d been up for days, but now it was over.
Sadness filled the vehicle like an old friend, but just beyond her reach was relief. It would take some time getting used to, but he wasn’t in pain any longer. And for that she was grateful.
Gazing past the windshield, she peered into the inky blackness. She’d miscalculated.

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