Saturday, April 11, 2015

Story board Saturday - Justin

This week I'd like to introduce you to Justin Barclay the main male lead. He's Irish, tall long black hair and grey eyes. In his youth, and if this were an historical romance, he'd be somewhat of a rake. And why not, the man is too good looking, oozes confidence, and took one look at the main female lead and gave up his heart without a fight.

But he has no problem fighting for Cassie. Well, now that he's older and wiser and she's in trouble.

Chapter two excerpt:

Justin’s deep throated laugh caused more than a few heads to turn. Gasps and whispers and grumbles floated his way. Some were female admiration for his dark good looks, which in the past he would have played up and immediately taken advantage of. Others muttered in anger and disbelief.
No doubt wondering at his audacity for showing his face at Briar again.
Justin ignored them all. He only had eyes for the woman who
bolted into the forest, as if the hounds of hell were on her heels.
Just before dawn he had driven through the east gate, parking his rental at the old racecourse, unloaded the horse, riding the perimeter of Briar, looking for ways to breach it. His jaw clenched again at finding the gate unlocked, no surveillance, and most of all no challenge to his right to be there. Damn, he found too many for his liking.
Justin stared at the empty spot where Cassie had been moments ago. She was going to have a devil of a time explaining why she kept Briar’s troubles to herself when she returned. Pulling the reins tight, he looked over the crowd before turning Winchester, the bay, toward the three-stall barn, sitting in a shallow hollow just below Briar’s immense lawn.
Anger rode with him. An all too familiar feeling this past month. One thought had fueled his purpose as he rode toward Briar. Confront Cassie. Like now, he never got the chance. Vehicle after vehicle had driven onto the property, unloading horses, cantering up the hill to mingle on her front lawn.
She’s out of her bleedin’ skull. A party for all her feckin’ rich friends. With a criminal on the loose to boot?
It took the strength his da had instilled in him not to barge into Briar and demand she send them away, then explain why she hadn’t contacted him sooner.

Soon, though, he realized he’d been handed a golden opportunity. If he was a betting man, and any good horseman was, he’d say the criminal was walking around Briar Ridge as if he belonged there.

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