Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors - 8 Snippet Sunday

Good morning/afternoon readers and bloggers. I am excited to be a part of a group of talented writers wewriwa.

Wewriwa  is a blog hop. When I found this, I noticed several authors that I've read their works. It was quite thrilling to be put in this company.

Please stop by wewriwa and view other author's works. Comment, praise and share. We love our readers. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

I'm continuing my WIP shapeshifter story. Here's a little background if this is your first time to join.

Please note: I'm writing this each week, so names do change.

Cheyenne is a vibrant fifty year old who is a fated mate to Braden, alpha of the Cane Creek pack. The twist is her past, her husband, a much older man has just died, and if she hadn't traveled through Cane Creek, going back and forth from the hospital, the two would never have met.

She's in mourning, and while Braden understands, he won't let her mourn for long.

Here's this week's 8.

   Cheyenne’s body automatically jerked at the sound reverberating through her mind and body and vehicle; the wheel veered off the shoulder, tires spraying gravel several feet before re gaining control of the car and pulling back onto the road. 
   The creek, to her right, ran parallel to the asphalt, hugging it so close, at times it seemed the road dipped into the water’s edge. If she were passing through a normal small town, the well-lit area just ahead, would be a welcoming sight on an otherwise dark and lonely road. It wasn’t.
   Don’t stop. Keep driving. You can make it home, she chanted in her head. 
   But her lids lowered, of their own volition, over dry, gritty eyes that had happened too often in the last hour to count. 

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