Saturday, May 16, 2015

Saturday Storyboard - Justin

It's been a few Saturdays since I posted. Life, well in this case the job that pays the bills had me busy.

I'm back to my story, Gambler's Odds. I want to introduce you to one of our main characters, Justin. Ladies, I wish you could see him, six foot plus, long legs in body hugging tight black jeans. A black T-shirt, short-sleeves rolled up, showing off his muscles. His shoulder length black hair is tied in a leather thong. His grey eyes see everything, but give nothing away.

 Now, I'll try to do him justice, but no details can give you the inside pleasure I have. Not because of his too-good-to-be-true good looks.

It's the accent. (Sigh). His Irish lilt is extremely difficult to describe. It's deep and breathy and sexy.

Cassie says...  How could she think when his thumb circled lazily in the small of her back the soft lilt of his accent hypnotizing her? 

(Moans). I know how she feels. After an hour in his presence and I'm ready to ditch my guy, hop on a plane to Ireland, and find a man just like him. 

(Sighs)... Well, if I keep drooling over him, we'll never get this post finished.

Here's a little background. Justin Barclay has three brothers and sisters, all twins except him. His father, (his mother has been married three times and Justin is his father's only child), moved to Ireland from England.

He's thirty-three and breeds Irish thoroughbred horses for a living. Irish bred race horses are some of the most sought after in the world. But, I'll let Justin tell you more in his own words. 

Justin how did you meet Cassie? 

Her ma and da flew over and purchased one of me thoroughbreds. 

(Blinks). Okay. Would you like to say anything else about that?

No. We met, had an affair and...

Wait. That's not why you're back in the states, to break her heart?

Shouldna've agreed to this interview. He turns his head away and mumbles. 

What's that?

Nothin'. Listen I'm no' good at interviews so let me just put this out there. 

Cassie and me were lovers. I... she.... (shakes his head)... We screwed up. This gimp...



Oh, okay, go ahead.

As I was sayin' this fool's been wreckin' the place and I'm back to help. 

So... Hmm... I narrow my eyes. So, you can honestly say you're not in love with Cassie any longer? Never taking my eyes off him, his grey eyes turn to smoke and the stare he turns on me makes his rugged face even more handsome. I shiver. Dangerously handsome. 

A man could only take so much torture before he snapped. Catching Cassie in a short robe was better than the fantasy he’d dreamt last night. Her bare legs were like a shining beacon guiding him straight toward her. Then again, seeing her in tight jeans, second-skin riding pants, and long-sleeve shirts molded to her torso, calling to him day after day these past weeks started it all.
But it was when his eyes roamed lower, the silver chain he’d given her grabbed his attention, and right then, the small hope he had harbored that she’d let him come home finally seemed within his grasp.
Ever so gently, like the first touch to a newborn colt, an invitation to get acquainted, he tipped her face up, lowering his mouth to hers. Slow and gentle, so she could break away if she wanted.
Mewling sounds of sheer pleasure erupting from Cassie’s throat the moment had all thoughts other than satisfying his own pent up desires, vanishing from Justin’s mind. Right now there was no betrayal on her part. No issues from his own part of their past to settle.

Only one thing was on his mind when he stopped her from leaving, exploring Cassie’s hot, lithe body that was now cradled against his.


Sorry Aine, I need...

He leans forward his shirt stretching taut over his muscled chest, and I find it hard to swallow.

Aine. I've got work to do on the farm.

Um sure.

I'll... Ladies... Thank ye kindly for joining us.

He stands, turns and walks out of the office. His tight jeans enhances his... (Sighs)... Yeah. What he said. 

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