Saturday, May 2, 2015

Storyboard Saturday - The villain

Hey all. Last weekend I spent the day with a few hundred readers at a luncheon. It was great. The fans were wonderful, fellow authors couldn't be nicer, and the event was a success. 

So, It's been two weeks since I posted. I'm continuing this week interviewing Cassie, from my story Gambler's Odds

Hey, Cassie. We missed last weekend, but I thought we'd continue where we left off. Well, actually I'd like for you to tell the audience what you revealed to me this week. 

Aine, you know you're near and dear to my heart, but that isn't happening. 

Come on Cassie. You know it's a shock to everyone at Briar. And I'm writing it as fast as I can, but maybe if...

Sorry. That would be a major spoiler alert. And if it's one thing I know, fans will balk. You'll have to wait until the book comes out. 

Aine, I did want to talk about the villains. 


Yes. There is one nasty guy out there trying to ruin me. But, he was instrumental in getting me and Justin back together. 

Cassie, really? 

Don't raise your eyebrows. He's bad news, for sure, but if he hadn't caused problems, pursued me the way he did, I would never have asked Justin to return. 

So you want to thank this guy? 

Heck no. But, as bad as he is, and he's pretty bad. “We had a ton of moldy feed delivered last spring, and because of it, we lost several colts early in the season. I’m purchasing more hay than I want. Scott, the young man who takes care of pasture rotation insists he got a call telling him to let the cattle graze here, but when I checked he couldn’t give me a name and he wasn’t certain whether he spoke with a man or woman.
 “Ponds were contaminated with blue-green algae, making horses sick. They grazed here,” she nodded in the direction where she’d pointed moments ago, “until we fixed that problem. We lost horses. The fence circling the shallow end was pulled down. The drop off is drastic, and because the fence was just below the surface, colts and a few fillies couldn’t make the long swim around to shore.”
All of our problems are because of the culprit. 

So why give him credit? 

As I said, if wasn't for him I wouldn't have Justin back, but more important, if it wasn't for the mess he caused our story would never have been told. 

All right. If you're sure. 

Yes. Give the readers an excerpt. 

The beginning of the story? 

No, how about right after the cow fiasco. 

Now that was funny. I posted parts of that earlier. 

K. Now let's show the readers who's behind Briar's problems. 

The sight from his vantage point was—beautiful. Flashing lights pierced the sky, people in handcuffs, men, women, and children worry etched on their faces, and Cassie frantically searching for him, a phantom.
The chaotic scene would have been perfect if he’d thought of it himself.
His plan to unnerve, to subtly attack Briar had been foolproof, and worked brilliantly. But now he saw its flaw. After each attempt, they’d fortified themselves then regrouped, becoming stronger.
No more.
Turning he froze at the sight. The slut. Before he comprehended what was going on, his feet brought him near the couple. It was only by sheer will that he kept from flinging out of the shadows and tearing her from the man’s arms.  
Forcing his feet to move, cold fury warded off the chill night air as he stalked the mile through the woods back to his car. She was shacking up with the Irish hick.
He had put her on a pedestal. His mind scattered over everything he knew about Cassie. She was born of pure stock; he ignored the fact her grandmother was an American-Indian. Her ancestors, like his, had come to this country and made a name for themselves.

Stay tuned next week. Who knows what Cassie will have planned. 

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