Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tuesday Teaser - Boxer Briefs & Boots

I hope you're enjoying this spring day. Here it's sunny and warm. And now that the weather is drier, I feel better. I can now breathe.

Anyway, today is quite busy. I'm working on three stories. I'm editing Gambler's Odds, adding a twist that ups the conflict between all main characters.

I have my niece working on illustrations for my YA paranormal book. And Just jotted down some ideas for the next chapter of Boxer Briefs & Boots. 

We're getting to the good parts in the story. But here's the beginning.

   “Annoying Diva.” The words came out in a low whisper as Jacy Rawlins shook her head and started to remove the zoom lens from her camera. The cover model sashaying toward the bed wiggled his ass, encased in tighty whitey boxer briefs before turning, sitting, and pulling off the expensive pair of black leather boots used as a prop.
   He caught her eye and the corner of his mouth lifted in a dazzling smile. Fake. They had to be capped. Just like his botoxed face, sprayed on tan, and thick pecs that were probably implants. 
   “Why in the world would Aine want a guy like him as her latest cover model,” Jacy murmured. There was nothing about this guy that screamed cowboy.  
   Shooting him her best smile, Jacy went back to packing up her equipment. When he first disrobed, Jacy couldn't take her eyes off his hard muscles on his compact body.
   "That was before he turned out to be Mr. Hyde."
  He wasn’t more than an inch taller than Jacy’s five, five frame and didn’t outweigh her by twenty-five pounds. He’d weigh more if you lost a little weight, her inner thin girl voice chimed in. 
Russian curvy model by Katalina Gorskikh   Jacy squelched the cheery little bitch. She was comfortable with the five extra pounds, more like fifteen, the bitch chimed in, “got it,” Jacy agreed there were ten extra pounds glued to her butt and thighs.
   Jacy was curvy, but in all the right places. So she’d been told. 

Boxer Briefs & Boots

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