Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday Teaser - More Boxer Briefs and Boots

I hope you all had a wonderful mother's day. It seems the more I accomplish the further behind I get. But, maybe it's because of warm, sunny, long days that distract me. Yeah, I'm sure that' it.

While I love all the color, and yesterday we went to pick out flowers for my husband to plant (he's the gardener of the family. See the pic at the bottom), and a few vegetables, all this greenery cuts into my view. It's limited to just the front yard now instead of the street and across the fields.

There's something to be said for winter, which allows me to see more of the world around me. Anyway, I'm going off on a tangent instead of giving you what you came to read.

Here's Jacy and Trace and a scene I omitted, but could wind up in a later section.

“Hey. We don’t have all day. Grab a quick shower, and I do mean quick. I’ll have food ready…”
A thud and a mumbled curse behind Jacy had her spinning around. OMG. Jacy’s jaw dropped and her eyes widened. Standing in front of her was the finest specimen of a man she’d ever laid eyes on.
Naked. Buck naked. Stark naked. Just plain naked and in all his glory. And what a nice, thick, long—Jacy gulped, forcing her eye lower, legs, yeah nice muscular legs, he had. She lifted her eyes to the ceiling, mouthing a ‘thank you’ to her dearly departed grandma.
She ran a hand through her hair. Shoot in a messy bun. Did she have time to— One hand drifted to his chest, rubbing lazily up and down his torso. No false pecs on this guy. Washboard abs she longed to slide her fingers over. Oh, and those cute indentions on is narrow hips v’ing toward—yum. Forget chocolate. He was her new favorite treat.
Jacy tried to silently swallow around the lump in her throat so she could continue to openly ogle him without being seen, but she must have made a sound. Because he slowly lifted his head, and Jacy was caught.
Caught like a deer in headlights in those long, thick blond lashed hazel eyes. And gosh darn it, if she didn’t stumble a step toward him before stopping herself.
“Sorry, ma’am. His hand automatically dropped covering his… well trying to cover his goods then he swiftly turned, presenting his backside to Jacy.

“No…” was all she got out before her mouth dried up. His broad shoulders were knotted and rippled with muscles. Her gaze ran down the deep indention of his spine to the two dimples at the base. She closed her eyes dreamily and moaned a “yes,” upon seeing narrow, tight, perfectly shaped buns. 

Here's a nice spring pic of flowers out front. Nothing to do with the blurb.

Boxer Briefs & Boots

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