Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday Teaser

Jacy has got herself in a pickle.

Not sure how I'm going to write her out of it, but the girl has gone and put Trace on the cover of Aine's new book, Boxer Briefs and Boots without his consent.

Trace is dang mad at Aine, Aine is hopping mad at her assistant Tamara for not paying close attentoin, and Tam lays it straight at Jacy's door.

Stupid margaritas, stupid tequila, and stupid, stupid hormones going after a man while she's inebriated.

Ain't it fun.

Here's this week's excerpt:

   If she could just see his face, hidden beneath that well-worn black Stetson, it too would probably be darker as well. “Just a peek. Please let him be gorgeous,” she said on a sigh.
   It didn’t occur to Jacy to walk around the bed to take a peek. Climbing up beside him, she let her eyes roam his body, and a brush of her fingertips up his thigh, hip, and back before pushing the hat, letting it drop to the floor. Plopping her chin onto her hands she stared at the face before her.
   Virile. The word blinked in her head like a neon sign. It was not runway-worthy-good-looking. But certainly handsome enough for commercials and magazines. Still as she gazed at him, the overwhelming urge to taste the full sensual lips her finger was tracing…shucks…she snatched her hand away. "Gotta remember," she giggled, "no touching."
   Why her alcohol laden brain wondered. She liked the zing coursing through her body that had nothing at to do with tequila.

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