Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tuesday Teaser

Today I'm giving a double treat. This excerpt from Boxer Briefs and Boots comes with chocolate.

Evil Shenanigans has a great chocolate cheesecake brownie recipe that Jacy's making to take on her picnic with Trace. She's hoping food, specifically a decadent chocolate dessert will deter him.

She's wrong.

“No. I won’t do it.” Jacy shook her head, her the rich red falling across her shoulders. Tamara looked on with envy. Her own hair was baby fine, so thin that only a short haircut gave it any fullness and gave her heart-shaped face a look of sophistication.
Not that Tamara minded looking younger. Any thirty year old would, but when men looked at her as if she was jailbait, a girl had to do something.
“He’s signing the papers.”
“It’s blackmail.” Jacy whirled on her friend. “And if I recall that’s illegal.”
“Honey, ain’t nothin’ legal about the way Trace Blackwell fills out a pair of jeans, or a shirt for that matter.” She laughed at Jacy’s scowl. “See, you like him.”
“Do not.”
“Then you won’t mind if I ask him out.”
“I saw him first.” Jacy sputtered at the revelation. Shit, she’d held it together when Trace called last Friday. She’d even accepted his invitation to meet the following day. “Someplace quiet and private.” His deep voice had images of the cabin dancing in her head.
“The park here in Clarksville,” she’d finally suggested.
“Good. Let’s say two o’clock tomorrow. You bring the food, and I’ll bring the wine.”
He’d hung up before she could protest.
Well she’d shown him. Or that had been the plan. She’d made chocolate cheesecake brownies. Knowing most couldn’t resist the temptation. But, Jacy knew a man like Trace needed food and lots of it. If she could just get him full, she’d lull him into signing the papers, leaving their date intact.
No, no, no. Not a date.

She’d armed herself with homemade angel biscuits, the yeast made them melt-in-your-mouth-soft along with a sweet taste. She’d marinated a sirloin roast in coffee, herbs, and garlic and then roasted it until it was medium rare. Cutting it paper-thin, she put them in a container with its au jus, intending to pile slices on the biscuits. 

Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies

Boxer Briefs & Boots

Hello, everyone. The last few years have been difficult. With the death of my husband came many responsibilities. Some I was ready for. Many...