Saturday, May 9, 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors 8 Snippet Sunday

Good morning/afternoon readers and bloggers. I am excited to be a part of a group of talented writers wewriwa.

Wewriwa  is a blog hop. When I found this, I noticed several authors that I've read their works. It was quite thrilling to be put in this company.

Please stop by wewriwa and view other author's works. Comment, praise and share. We love our readers. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

I'm continuing my WIP shapeshifter story. This week begins Macon's POV.

Macon Outlaw is a wolf shapeshifter, alpha of Cane Creek pack. Sekyah, newly widowed, is his mate. They are the background for my shapeshifter series the Outlaws.

Macon let his wolf stalk closer to the surface, sharpening his senses, color faded and he peered with his enhanced night vision through the shifting shadows, keeping an eye on his approaching…prey? No, she was never that. Inhaling deeply, he pulled her scent into his body, imprinting it into his mind and soul. Not that he actually needed to. From the first time she drove through his territory he knew her from all others. Yet, it had been months since he’d last caught her scent, and with their situation, he wasn’t certain when he’d have the opportunity to smell that sweet aroma again. Every fiber of his being wanted to call her what she was, mate. But… from her perspective it was too soon. 

Boxer Briefs & Boots

Hello, everyone. The last few years have been difficult. With the death of my husband came many responsibilities. Some I was ready for. Many...