Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tuesday Teaser - Tamara

Hey all. This post is a little later than usual, but I've been writing and editing all day. This is the first breather I've had. But that's a good thing.

I thought I'd introduce you to more people in my Cowboy Cover Model Series. This week say hi to Tamara. (No last name as of yet). She's Aine's assistant. She comes from a pedigree background carving out her life on her own terms in Landmark Texas.

She and Jacy are best friends. Today I wrote a nice, well, a terrible scene of Jacy, Tamara and the rest of the girls from Landmark, a girl's night in scene.

It needs lots of work. Any good drinking stories, crying over guys you want to send my way would be great.

But, I also began Tamara's story. Book two in CCM series.

Here it is unedited intro.

Tamara ran her sweaty palms down the peasant style light blue top, then gathered the courage that had deserted her, pushing the door to Tony’s Tavern inward, she stepped inside.
Cool air hit her heated body. Spring in Landmark was proving to be a hot one, and if it was the indicator of summer, they were all in for one heck of a scorcher.
Standing just inside the door, Tamara let her eyes adjust to the darkened room. Looking around she took in the surprisingly clean bar. This was her first time in the establishment. She usually ate at Lucy B’s Diner. But, this is where Jax wanted to meet, so here she stood.
She was surprised to see it was a bar/restaurant. The bar took up center stage in the main room, to categorize it as the main point of the business. Tables surrounded the wooden square structure and booths lined the far wall.
Just beyond lay a smaller room. Two pool tables, a jukebox and an open floor had miniscule room for dancing. Tamara’s eyes lingered on the back room. Maybe later she’d get the chance to get in a game of snooker, uh, pool, Tamara silently remonstrated. No one needed to know her great-great-great grandfather had been an English baron. And her mother still called it snooker to this day.
Stepping further into the room, Tamara scanned the main area. Only a few tables were full this early in the afternoon. The bar was empty, as well as the backroom, so she’d beaten Jax here. Walking up to the bar she ordered a bottle of The Temptress, a milk stout brewed in Garland, Texas just northeast of Dallas.
It was one of her favorite beers with its flavors of chocolate and caramel. Grabbing the beer set in front of her, she asked if she waited for a hostess or could take any table. “This time of day, sit yerself.” Menu’s on the table. Just yell when yer ready to order.”

“Thanks.” Tamara glanced around the room, moving left around the bar, grabbing the last table in the near corner. Sitting, she took a large gulp of beer. 
A noise at the door drew her attention. In walked sex on legs, Trevor Jackson, aka Jax and the reason she was a bundle of nerves. 

Cowboys there is something about them that is just so sexy!

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