Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tuesday Teaser - Boxer Briefs and Boots

Hi all. It's been a few weeks since I've been able to post. I know. I know being busy with projects shouldn't keep me away, but summer family obligations, a few long weekend getaways with my guy have kept me so busy that by the time Tuesday comes around I'm busy writing or editing and posting just slips my mind. (And of course, sometimes there isn't a thing to write because I've not come up with anything new).

Writer's block aside and having summer fun, I'm nearly finished with book one of my Cowboy Cover Model Series.

Enjoy this excerpt:

Jacy fought the shiver of lust coursing through her from just the brush of Trace’s arm on her shoulder as he leaned over, dropping their glasses and utensils into the water. She stiffened to keep from automatically leaning into this touch as she seemed to want to more and more now that she was around him often.
“This won’t take a minute,” she said, nodding toward the doorway on her left. She continued, “Why don’t you pour us some wine or you might want another beer.” She indicated with a glance toward the fridge, “and take them to the living room. I’ll be right out.”
All but dismissing thoughts of Trace, a nearly impossible feat, she picked up the dishrag and ran it inside the glass. Suddenly she felt his large body settle behind her. She yelped, jumping at the intimate contact.
“Relax darlin’, let me help you get these cleaned up.” His voice was a low rumbling vibration, starting in her upper back, stalling in the pit of her stomach, churning more butterflies, then continuing to that sweet spot between her legs. She’d squelched her constant need for him quite successfully all night up until the moment he pressed his back into hers.
“It’s the least I can do since you went to all that trouble of cookin’ for me.” Each word sent warm breath across her ear, causing goose bumps to rise along her arms. One would’ve thought he was inviting her to partake in something deliciously naughty instead of boring housework?
And she was ready to jump into anything he suggested. Even so, she couldn’t help tensing up as his calloused fingers caressed her arms, up and down several times, before his hand disappeared into the water, searching, finding hers, lacing them together.

Boy was he making it hard for her to breathe.  

Boxer Briefs & Boots

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