Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Feverish Wednesday

It's another hot day here in the south, temperatures are soaring into the upper 90's, but to be honest I wouldn't have it any other way. I like the heat.

Yes, I work inside under a fain with the air conditioner going, but I can still feel oven-like air surrounding the house. Give me a warm day over a cold one any time.

While I like it hot, sometimes the heat isn't as fun as I want it to be.

Jacy and Trace are having problems. Maybe they'll work it out soon, but here's an excerpt of trouble in paradise.

“I’m not that guy, Jacy.”
“What guy?” What was he talking about? He was the one who’d blackmailed her. The one who required she see him so she wouldn’t lose her job. The kind who liked drunk Jacy and wanted to get to know her better. That last one still stung.
“The guy you met our first night together.” He hoped he could make this right. “I was. I’d had a bad day in court, a case was postponed again, but that didn’t give me license to take advantage of you…”  
“You didn’t.”
“Then why all drinking?”
Jacy ignored the fact she enjoyed being with Trace. It was hard to think. Once again, she’d eaten little and drank much. She couldn’t tell him she needed it just in case he planned to have sex with her.
Yeah. That would go over well. Thinking she needed bolstering for him to touch her when it was she that had the problem. And now, she was adding alcoholic to her long list of deficiencies. Something that she would have to change once they weren’t seeing each other. But for now, she needed the fortification.
“I get it. You need it to put up with me.”
“No.” She blurted out before she thought.
“Then what, Jacy, because that’s sure what it looks like to me.”
It was the only way he’d like her. Trace was the kind of guy she could fall for and hard. He was funny. He’d made her laugh and had laughed at himself as well. He took care of his family, worked alongside them to make sure the family business flourished. He was devilishly good looking, but not conceited. What was there not to like?
 “Tell me what I’ve done wrong so I can fix it.” Come to think of it how would she know? She’d been nervous, then kept up a steady sip of alcohol that he wasn’t sure she’d even heard a word he said or remembered the questions he asked about her life and dreams.
“There’s nothing you can do.”
His sharp intake of breath made her realize he’d misunderstood her. She reached out a hand, but he stood.
“Jacy.” Scrubbing his hand down his face, he moved away before he did something he’d never thought of before. Grabbing her and kissing her until he forced her to see the truth, to see him.

“I… This was a mistake. I wanted to get to know you better, and from what I remembered I thought you might too. Obviously, I was wrong.” 

Boxer Briefs & Boots

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