Monday, August 10, 2015

Racy Monday

As I'm writing this post, I'm feeling anything but racy, and the phrase, morning people be damned, is running through my head. And, I'm home alone. 

Maybe it's the diet I'm on. I told hubby I'd lose thirty pounds. Now this is after losing about fifty a few years ago, but I'd still had a few to go. It's not just for him.Visions of sexy lingerie and short, flirty skirts in high heels keep popping in my head, so I'm sticking with it. 

I'm blaming lack of energy on no coffee. I've replaced it with greens, spirulina and cacao. I get energy, but not that clear mind that comes with the rich aroma wafting from the kitchen or drinking a cup of coffee in the morning. 

Anyway, you don't want to hear about my woes, so I'll get to the post. Have you ever been on a roll? You know hot, sizzling, where you can do no wrong? The kind of day where you get all your work finished, i.e. met your word count in record time, completed house chores, supper was a breeze and with little or no clean up, etc.? Last Thursday was that day for me. 

This scene just came together. It was intense...
Image result for rook cardsIn the version we're playing each player receives 9 cards and there are six in the middle. There are 10 cards of each color, plus the red one, which is a trump card and the rook. The red one is boss and rook is below it. I don't have either one of them, but I know I have the makings of six trump cards in my hand. There are 5 more cards not showing in the kitty, so I'm hoping there's one more. Even if there isn't, I know I can take 4 of the six hands, and who knows, my partner may have some of the cards to help me. So, I bid and win it. My plan all along.
“What are you talking about?” Jacy had a sinking feeling in her gut he remembered something she didn’t.
He leaned in, pinning her against him and the car. A sharp intake of breath filled her nostrils with his manly scent. Her nipples pebbled and wet heat flooded her panties. “Ropes, red lace boy short panties, and you on your…”
“Oh my God, I didn’t?” Her hands flew to her cheeks that she knew were stained with embarrassment, recalling their play ending with her hog-tied, him taking pictures with his phone. 
“Yep, darlin’, you did. And I for one can’t wait to feel your mouth wrapped around my cock again.” He nipped at her lower lip and Jacy instinctively opened to him. ...  I'll reveal more of this scene later.  

And the rest of the day went just as well. One of the craziest things happened later that night. We're playing cards with friends. In our neck of the woods we love to play Rook.  In this instance our friend Susan is a newbie. So we've been getting together a couple of times a month to teach her in preparation for playing our tournament that happens every February. She's coming along 
slowly, but surely and that's okay. We're just out to enjoy each other's company while she learns. 

It's guys against gals and we've got her smack downs pat. John, Susan's husband is the world's best smacktalker I've met. Poor guy was pretty silent that night. Anyway, since she isn't well versed in the game, she and I have been in the loser's bracket every time. We've won hands here and there, but not an entire game. So, we're playing, the cards are not in my favor at all. Susan's husband, John is getting bad hand after bad ones and so basically it's Susan playing against my husband. 

We're still in teaching mode so we're discussing our cards, we know where the Rook and red one is and just having a blast. We're on a new game and the cards have been dealt and I pick mine up and I see I have five of one color, green. The kitty, the cards laid out in the middle, has the green 14 showing. The other cards in my hand are small, and of two colors, but I forget all about them. My focus is on the green cards.

I quickly tuck the green 14 into my hand and pick up the 2nd card. It's a green 12. My eyes widen. I'm getting excited. The next card from the middle is the green 13. I'm floored. I know my mouth dropped. I now have 8 trump cards in my hand. I discard the next two cards from the kitty and then pull up the last one. It's the green 5. I add it to my hand, discard my off colors, check to make sure I've discarded 6 cards. I'm so shocked by now, I'm not sure what I have. When I pick up my hand,fan out the cards, all I see is green. I'm speechless.

Now a good hand usually has 5 trump cards, but I have 9. I looked
up the odds, but couldn't find them. I've been playing rook for twenty-something years and I've never seen a hand like that. Our friend, David, who's a huge competitor in our tournaments, and somewhat of a math genius, said he'd never heard of anyone having a hand like that.

Here's the kicker, it's in two parts. 1. I don't have the rook or red one. So I could lose those points. But remember, I said we're teaching Susan how to play. We've been talking across the table, well all of us have. 2. She has the rook and red one. We don't have to play this hand at all. Just lay down our cards. When they're all revealed, not only does she have the rook and red one, she has the only other trump card I don't, the green 7. Those suckers, I mean husbands, didn't have one trump card between them. 

Not only did we finally win our first game against the guys, we' smoked them with that hand. 

This may not be your idea racy, and of course it doesn't have a lot to do with writing, but I couldn't resist sharing something personal with my friends and fans. 

Torrid Tuesday now that's... well, you'll just have to tune in tomorrow, won't you? 


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