Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Torrid Tuesday

 Grabbing her hips, he lifted her, angling upward, sheathing himself to the hilt in her tight, hot walls. God, she looked delicious, her legs frog-tied open, her wrists bound above her head. Her throaty moans turned into pleas of desperation for more.

His head, both big and little were about to burst with the need he'd denied himself this last three days. He chuckled, knowing she was was worse off than him. He'd been torturing her for a week with orgasm denial and this morning she'd been such a good girl taking her spanking without complaint, sadly, so she'd earned this orgasm.

"Next time." His fingers brushed her kiss swollen lips. "I'll gag you baby, but for now, don't hold back. Scream for me." Leaning on his hands careful to keep the weight of his heavy body off hers, he pulled out of her tight channel and snapped his hips forward.

"Not going to last," he bit out. "Come with me." Leaning forward his body rubbed against her engorged nub. Cream gushed from her core as her body readied for him. "That's it, baby." He rotated his hips grinding against her, prolonging his pleasure while torturing her more. He couldn't help it. She was such a good little subbie.

"I'm coming," she screamed. He couldn't get enough, and sometimes, like now, he wished he could crawl up inside her and stay forever.

"Hold off."
"Ca...please...can't." He looked down at her, sweat glistening on her face, her eyes screwed closed as she was about to fall over the edge.
"Wait..." His tone had her body stiffening. He'd taught her to bend to his control. Such a sexy look on her. "Look at me. I want to see your eyes when you come." He ground his engorged member deeper into her body, not giving her the chance to come down, but nor to come either.

Slowly she opened her eyes, the trusting blue green gaze almost snapping his control. He leaned down, taking her mouth with his. Ravishing, eating at her mouth like a man dying of thirst.

Reluctantly leaning up, he set up a wicked pace, making sure to hit that sweet pearl of pleasure with each stroke. Her gasps and the shaking of her body told him she was close. In and out, the agony and ecstasy of it made his head swim, but he held back until he felt her body tightening around him.

"Now," he cried. "Come for me now." Her muscles contracted around him and she screamed his name loud enough for the folks in the next county to hear. Pumping his hips twice more, he let out a roar as he found his own release.

Weak, from the ecstasy filling his body, he fell atop her needing a moment. Turning his head, his lips grazed hers. Her sweet warm breath whispered against his mouth, mingling with his short choppy pants.

He had needed the closeness just as much as he needed her helpless to his pleasure.  

Friday, October 23, 2015

Landmark Texas

"Welcome to Landmark, Texas." Anastasia flattened the last box, muttering to herself as she laid it on the pile of other boxes by the drive of her grandparents' home.

Standing, stretching, she wiped her brow, sighing, blowing a caramel strand from her damp forehead, lifting the rest of her heavy locks off her sweaty neck her eyes taking in the barn, fence, and green pastures stretching behind the house.

It was another sweltering day in Texas. But surprisingly, she was getting used to the heat and humidity, and definitely enjoyed it over the city noise and smells of Baltimore.

She'd been here a little over two months and couldn't get her mind wrapped around the fact that this part of Texas had more pine forests, streams, lakes and ponds instead of mesquite scrub and cacti.

Her grandparents having moved to Landmark just six years ago, Stasia had never visited being too busy building her career. But with her latest failure in love, she didn't have to worry about her career it had taken off like a rocket as she'd cashed in on the bdsm craze in romance novels a few years ago.

But, to find... she wiped sweat from her brow with the back of her forearm, refusing to think about not being able to find just the right... "doing it again, Stasia. Let it go."

It had taken a lot of soul searching and remarkably very little work to move from her furnished apartment in downtown Baltimore to Landmark. Her grandparents welcomed her, and she'd found feeding cattle and learning to ride therapeutic.

So much so in fact, she couldn't wait to begin her latest books featuring cowboys. "No more menage's and Dom's for me."  Now if she could just get her heart and body to go along with her head.

Hurrying back to the house, she entered and headed upstairs, where she'd taken over the entire second floor as her own, to shower so she could take her grandmother to the beauty parlor.

Her first time inside was a shock. It was a mix of old school gum-smacking-smoking beauticians with big hair to one hip younger woman, looking more like a teen instead of the twenty-two year old, who thought a rainbow of colors in her hair would not resemble a clown's wig.

Stasia wanted to tell her she'd lost that effort. Anyway, today while her grandmother got her weekly do, she planned to flesh out her latest novel. It was going to be hard not to listen to Mrs. Putnam not gossip about her grandsons, Cody and Wade and their pursuit of McKenna and hopefully avoid Flory, now that woman was a character.Yes, stranger than the young woman with the hair of many colors and piercings.

Mostly, Landmark is filled with hardworking cattlemen and women. Gorgeous cowboys with muscles that worked hard and played hard. She'd already been told the annual rodeo in October was a must see if she was looking for a man. Which she'd sworn off after her last fiasco.

Lifting her shirt as she strode into her bedroom, she littered the floor with clothes as she made her way to the bathroom. Now was not the time to think of her life in Maryland. In fact, she'd made strides to forget the fast life. This weekend she was going to her first girl's night out in what was too long to remember with her PA and friends, Jacy, Maddie, and Danika.

Anastasia was determined not to let her older status, maybe the older sister instead of aunt, and have a great time eating, drinking, and dancing at Mastersons.

"But, first things first, need to get Gramma to the hairdressers, so let's get a move on." She spent the next half hour cleaning her body, drying her hair and dressing in jeans and t-shirt. No more pencil skirts and five-inch spiked heels on a daily basis for her. "Thank, God."

Driving into the parking spot, Anastasia let out a short huff. Would she ever get used to the roadways through here. The two mile road in front of her grandparents' home was barely paved, a combination of tar and some gravel. The main road, thankfully truly paved, wound around itself several times.

Praise the Lord, she'd made the correct left turn instead of right like she the last two times, winding up in Paris, Texas. She did get to see the famous Eiffel Tower of the west, the large red hat looking as if it would teeter off in a brisk wind.

And the first time she found herself on her way back to Landmark from Paris, she had missed the turnoff and wound up in Clarksville. Not today though. Today she had done herself proud and made it to the town center on her first try.

"Stasia?" Her grandmother's voice interrupted her reverie.
"What Gramma?"
"You gonna sit here all day?"
Looking over to the passenger side, Anastasia saw her grandmother leaning in looking at her.
"Go ahead, Gramma, I'll be right there." She sat there looking at over the town. The layout was strange. Main street was straight, lined with residences, grocery store, and a church and a few other small businesses. It ended in a half circle with roads on each side, shooting off to the right and left. At the back of the circle was a wide sidewalk with the heart of the town's businesses and government offices flanking the veranda style walkway.

"Hurry it up if you don't want to be cornered by Stubblefield." She cocked her head to the left. Anastasia didn't need to look behind her to know her grandmother was referring to Tony Stubblefield the town's youngest widower. The man had hit her up her first time in town wanting to know if she was looking for a ready made family.

His twin boys, eleven and teen daughter were good kids, but since that day, she steered clear of the man. "Thanks, I'm right behind you."

Hurriedly gathering her purse and notebook, she alighted from the car, catching up to her grandmother. Greeting the townfolk, Anastasia was beginning to feel at home.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tame Tuesday

Today's post is all about getting back into the mindset of writing. Vacation was wonderful. I relaxed and forced myself not to feel too guilty for taking a two week break from it all. But, wow, it helped.

My mind is clear and I'm ready to get back into the writing groove. Adding the finishing touches to Boxer Briefs and Boots, working on a book cover, and waiting for responses from Beta readers. Feedback has been good so far. So, I'm optimistic.

I'm looking forward to my first ever NANOWRIMO, and will be knocking out book two in the series that Boxer Briefs and Boots falls under. Stop by and add me as a friend. And I'll do the same.

Just wanted to let you know what's coming up beginning in November. Torrid Tuesdays will focus on BDSM. I haven't worked out all the logistics, but it will be sexy clips from some of my favorite BDSM writers, yes, I will be quoting from their books, but also want to touch on the craze of the lifestyle itself.

I've lived this kind of style long before I knew what it was. Just in the bedroom, and not all the protocol, which I would take further, but my husband isn't interested in. We're kinky, and yes, I'm a submissive, but my husband isn't a Dom in the truest sense of the word.

I think, I'll be exploring that particular aspect, and note the journey. We'll just have to wait and see.

I'll leave you with a pic of what I think Trace looks like from Boxer Briefs and Boots.
Enjoy your day.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Day 4

Whew!! I think I might be ready to go home and get some real rest. Remember on Day 1 when I noted that it was raining and cloudy and all we could do is veg out? Well it turns out that Walmart has become our go to place because of the weather.

It's sunny and hot and a great day for the beach, but let me tell you, a teen and a young adult can spend hours upon hours buying all kinds of gadgets and toys and clothes and whatnots to occupy their time at the beach.

We've been here four days and I've been to Wal-mart more times in the short period than I have in the last year put together. I just don't shop there. But if you want lights to string on the porch rail, missing socks, need some deodorant, toothpaste, soap, lotion; you know all the essentials that didn't make it in your bag before leaving home, that's the place to purchase them.

And for my teen niece, just the place to go just because.

Happy Vacation to me!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Day 2

I'm sitting on the porch, sun kissing my skin. Now this is what I expect from a vacation.

Truthfully, just having a few weeks off to mentally recharge before gearing up for nanwrimo, back to editing and writing in general is heaven.

Sun glistens off the calm waters, the breeze tousles palm fronds and grasses, sending a welcoming wave to us beachcombers.

Ocean jewelry litters the beach creating a kaleidoscope of colors across the otherwise bland tan of the sand.

To say that I'm well relaxed and enjoying myself is an understatement.

Hope your week is just as nice.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Vacation - Day 1

Sending vacation greetings to you all. Normally vacation is busy, hurrying up to get to the beach to lay out on the sand all day. This year, the remnants of the hurricane have put a stop to that, but one good thing has come from it. I'm relaxing more. 

This is just a short post to say I'm doing nothing. No cooking, no hurrying the hubby and kids out to get ready and pack up to get to the beach, unpack our stuff, set out chairs and umbrellas, get pails and shovels, get the kite ready to fly. 

I'm sitting in the recliner, feet up and watching the waves crash upon the shore, the tide coming in, and beachcombers looking for shells. 

Got to go and take a nap. 
Wish you were here, or maybe at your own retreat enjoying the day. 

Boxer Briefs & Boots

Hello, everyone. The last few years have been difficult. With the death of my husband came many responsibilities. Some I was ready for. Many...