Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Torrid Tuesday

 Grabbing her hips, he lifted her, angling upward, sheathing himself to the hilt in her tight, hot walls. God, she looked delicious, her legs frog-tied open, her wrists bound above her head. Her throaty moans turned into pleas of desperation for more.

His head, both big and little were about to burst with the need he'd denied himself this last three days. He chuckled, knowing she was was worse off than him. He'd been torturing her for a week with orgasm denial and this morning she'd been such a good girl taking her spanking without complaint, sadly, so she'd earned this orgasm.

"Next time." His fingers brushed her kiss swollen lips. "I'll gag you baby, but for now, don't hold back. Scream for me." Leaning on his hands careful to keep the weight of his heavy body off hers, he pulled out of her tight channel and snapped his hips forward.

"Not going to last," he bit out. "Come with me." Leaning forward his body rubbed against her engorged nub. Cream gushed from her core as her body readied for him. "That's it, baby." He rotated his hips grinding against her, prolonging his pleasure while torturing her more. He couldn't help it. She was such a good little subbie.

"I'm coming," she screamed. He couldn't get enough, and sometimes, like now, he wished he could crawl up inside her and stay forever.

"Hold off."
"Ca...please...can't." He looked down at her, sweat glistening on her face, her eyes screwed closed as she was about to fall over the edge.
"Wait..." His tone had her body stiffening. He'd taught her to bend to his control. Such a sexy look on her. "Look at me. I want to see your eyes when you come." He ground his engorged member deeper into her body, not giving her the chance to come down, but nor to come either.

Slowly she opened her eyes, the trusting blue green gaze almost snapping his control. He leaned down, taking her mouth with his. Ravishing, eating at her mouth like a man dying of thirst.

Reluctantly leaning up, he set up a wicked pace, making sure to hit that sweet pearl of pleasure with each stroke. Her gasps and the shaking of her body told him she was close. In and out, the agony and ecstasy of it made his head swim, but he held back until he felt her body tightening around him.

"Now," he cried. "Come for me now." Her muscles contracted around him and she screamed his name loud enough for the folks in the next county to hear. Pumping his hips twice more, he let out a roar as he found his own release.

Weak, from the ecstasy filling his body, he fell atop her needing a moment. Turning his head, his lips grazed hers. Her sweet warm breath whispered against his mouth, mingling with his short choppy pants.

He had needed the closeness just as much as he needed her helpless to his pleasure.  

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