Saturday, November 28, 2015

NaNoWriMo Day 28 - Winding Down

With only a few days left on NaNoWriMo, and now that I'm finished, I thought today I'd write about my early thoughts.

Before signing up to commit to a month long writing session, with specific word counts and the accountability, I took a month to think about it. Actually I had been thinking about signing up since July, but by the beginning of October I really began to examine the whole premise.

I went on NaNo's website and did my research. I read a several blog posts, and spoke with a few author friends. They all noted their experiences.

The common theme was that it was life-changing in their writing. That was what I was looking for. But, I was afraid. I imagined writing about 10 thousand words. I would be embarrassed by the whole situation.

During our two week vacation at the beginning of October I truly spend days thinking could I do this? I finally decided I could, and believed and imagined that I was a NaNo winner.

I told my family my plans. I spoke with my friend Susan, a writer, and told her of my goals. Each week we saw one another she'd ask, "how is the word count going?" I was happy to give her my numbers.

But, the best thing that helped keep boost my writing was joining a group of other NaNoWriters and talking to one another every day.

We set goals, encouraged one another that they could make this, and no matter if they wrote a hundred words or 5 thousand, they rocked.

I will say I did write today. Just a few hundred words, but it's now second nature to write daily and I'm looking forward to staying the course.


Friday, November 27, 2015

NaNoWriMo Day 27 - Yeah, I Made it

I made it. I actually wrote 50K words in less than 1 month. I can't describe how I feel right now. I'm happy, relieved, and at the same time ready to continue book three.

Not sure what I'll post in the next few days, but NaNoWriMo isn't over until Monday, and I'd be remiss not to continue to write and post about my experience.

Would love to hear from others competing in NaNoWriMo and send out my congrats to all who are participating and making their goal.

Speaking of which, my goal was to write book two in its entirety. I did that. I realized about a week ago, I was competing against myself.

And for the first time in a long time, I pushed myself to surpass my expectations and win. It isn't that certificate that I received from NaNoWriMo that's all important, it's knowing I made it and then some.

Good luck to you all who are participating and near your goal, as well as to those who have finished.
Your Rock!

This guy was my main inspiration. I took the photo and changed it to make it the background in my Word document. I had to look at him daily as I wrote. There were times I wasn't sure I wanted to write, but he looked me in the eye and challenged me daily.

Thursday, November 26, 2015


I admit it. I'm sitting in my easy chair watching Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Yes, I am a Macy's paradaholic.

Dinner is at noon. Come on over, just make sure to clean up your mess before you leave. I'll be at my sister-in-law's.

Hope your Thanksgiving is filled with family that you can make memories from. Even if your family is near or far, or like me, just remembering those who have passed:
Miss you mom.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

NaNoWriMo Day 25 - Last Scene

Before tonight's post, I want to wish all, a blessed Thanksgiving. While there is mouch turmoil, there are still things in our lives to be thankful for. I've had my share of ups and downs this year. I've been on track with my writing then derailed. But the important thing I've stuck with it, and am on track right now. The upcoming holidays will get me off track again, but my family is importatn as well. I'll be back and writing just as well as ever.

Now for today's last scene. Definitely drawing near the end. Not just NaNoWriMo itself, though this the last week. I'm excited to say I have less than eight-hundred words left to reach 50K.

I wrote almost three thousand words today. The scene was difficult The passage below, from yesterday's post, is what I was drawing on.
Forrest trailed off, remembering so much more of that last game. Things he wanted to reflect on, savor, and then figure how the hell he could get that back. As he wound his tale for Anastasia, he realized she had been as much into him as he to her. He had been so wrapped up in trying to stay in the game and in the woman, he had missed the signs.

I did a fair job, but had to quit, spent some time with my son this afternoon. He, more so than me, is a workaholic, putting in fifteen hour days and works out of town. He's at his home just a few miles down the road for the weekend and we just had a good afternoon spending time together.

Anyway, during the off time, I realized I wanted to set up this scene differently than I had begun. So next when you read my post, I'll be finished, and also the chapter will be written completely different than I have here now.

I hope you enjoy this last scene again from Forrest's POV.

Shitdamnfuck. He let out a string of curses as he drove off the property. After spending another hour listening to the man extol Dani’s virtues, like every other man, woman, and two teenage girls who confessed that Ms. Dani taught a class once every three months. When he remarked how good it was of her to pass on her baking skills the girls stared at him until he shuffled his feet.
“Not just cooking.”
“But we do make our own cookies or cakes or pies when she’s teaching us about owning our own business.”
The more he learned about his wife, and was set back time after time that his ideal of her was outdated, kept adding one more thing on the already towering pile that he had to atone for. And the Holy Mother knew how high his sins were piled up. Maybe he could find a Catholic Church close by and go to confession.
Now much later, long after supper and time he should be sleeping, he lay awake in the dark contemplating if coming to Landmark had been a good idea. Dani didn’t need him. Which was a crushing blow to his heart—ego. What did you think you were going to do, slick, ride in and save the fucking day?
Forrest thought of the last few weeks. He’d kept busy, staying out of Landmark and steering well clear of Dani’s diner, he shook his head, Lucy B’s. And he refused to spend more than an hour out at her farm and always when he knew Dani couldn’t be there.
Dani didn’t need him there either. She had hired help with the farm, gardens, and fruit trees. There were enough cowboys around to stop by and check on the horses for her, which he’d been told most of the single men had volunteered for that job hoping to have a chance with wooing Dani. Still, he wanted to see them for himself.
He’d planned this out perfectly. Come to Landmark on the pretense of helping Anastasia with her research on rodeo professionals. Swoop in and lift Dani off her feet loving her while telling her of his plans to stay, them retire to the ranch where he raised bronc riding horses. He’d thought of little more than that this entire season.

He rubbed his chest somewhere in the vicinity of where his heart was supposed to be. What had happened? Seeing Dani happened. She doesn’t need me is what happened? Forrest turned on his side, punching the pillow, fluffing it, then punching it again, pulling it beneath his head, tucking his arm beneath the pillow. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

NaNoWriMo Day 24 - Last Scene

I had a rough start this afternoon writing. If you read yesterday's post you know Kisec is a Cree Indian. This chapter is from his POV, so I needed to add background.

Research had to be limited only because I wanted to get in at least 2K words today. The research had me writing, stopping, looking up information I needed, and then writing bit by bit.

But, once I had enough real information to satisfy me, the scene just fell together. I wrote a little over 3500 words this afternoon.

Here's the last scene, Forrest telling Anastasia how he and Dani met.


Taking a gulp, he grimaced at the lukewarm liquid and pushed the cup away. Lacing his fingers, he thought about the next part of the story. Did she want a play by play of the hands, how Dani systematically won most, lost a few? Nah, too long.
He knew where to begin. “Dani and I had eliminated the rest of the players. Watching her play, I could see how she had, but I wasn’t certain how I was even playing the game. My focus was on her.
“I couldn’t wait to taste her. The neckline of her dress was a U shape that just covered her perky tits.” He looked up at his remark. “Maybe you’d rather hear the word breast. Some women think tits is derogatory.”
“It’s your story, tell it how you want.”
“Okay…tits it is. I wanted to run my tongue over the swell peeking above the neckline. I ached to nibble my way up her neck and pull on the lobe of her ear. I had obsessed all night about kissing off that red lipstick, having her slather more on and…” Forrest stopped. He hadn’t meant to go into that much detail. But, even after all this time, he couldn’t shake the ache low in his groin for Danika Davis.
And it seemed these last ten years he had tried by staying away from her most of the time.
“Go on.” Anastasia urged.
“I… you know what I wanted.” He looked the woman in the eye, saying without words where his mind was that night, and now.
“Fuck,” he cursed, shifting his erect cock in his jeans.
“Yes,” she laughed. It was a nice light sound. “I’m sure you got to that later.”
“Tell me what you were thinking other than how much you wanted her?”
“What I saw that was different than your initial summing up of Dani?”
“I knew there was more to you than a fine body and handsome face.”
“Can’t help it. My parents are geniuses.”
“Oh? Now, you’re just full of yourself.”
“Nah, I like to brag on them. Both have IQ’s over one-forty, so I tell other as often as I can. I’m just happy some of it rubbed off on me.”
“Okay, cowboy, lets get off you and back to the story.”
“I guess you’re not that impressed.”
“By your parents, yes. You, I’ll reserve judgment.”
The banter had his cock softening, but it threatened to harden as he remembered Dani that night. “I was mesmerized. Yes, her looks drew me in, but you have to realize, she played…well, I can only say she played the players. Her intuitiveness was seldom wrong, and when she was set back, she adjusted quickly, not dwelling on the loss, and forged on.
Her determination was evident, her confidence only enhanced her sexiness, and my God, she nodded in recognition to players that bettered her in hand she lost, and treated the same way when she turned the tables and beat us.
“I had the feeling she could have drawn out the last hand between us.” He cocked his head as if seeing something for the first time. “The way I acted throughout, she had every right to show me up, hand after hand making me suffer for much longer than she did.
“And I also had the suspicion she could have swooped in and ended my misery much sooner than she did. Her timing was impeccable. Just enough hands to make me look like a worthy opponent and her win was earned when in fact I was floundering from the beginning of that last game.”

Forrest trailed off, remembering so much more of that last game. Things he wanted to reflect on, savor, and then figure how the hell he could get that back. As he wound his tale for Anastasia, he realized she had been as much into him as he to her. He had been so wrapped up in trying to stay in the game and in the woman, he had missed the signs. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

NaNoWriMo Day 23 - Last Scene

Some of you are thinking what happened to day 22. I didn't slack off. I wrote a little of 1200 words, but it being Sunday I thought I'd take a day off for posting.

I'm back today. Still a few days ahead of schedule. I just finished today's scene. The beginning of Chapter three. It's very rough. Much more so than the last ones I have written.

If you go back and reread, my posts featuring Tamara and Jax they're tight because I planned the entire book out before NaNoWriMo.

For book three, I've had the idea from day one, but I'm writing by the seat of my pants again. No problem, I'll finish on time, but as I said, I can see the difference in the quality.

Still, enjoy. I think you'll like Kisec. This scene is from his POV. And, he's thinking of Dani. Oh, Kisec's full name, Kisecawchuck. He's a Cree Indain and the name means 'daystar'.

Oh, and at the end a nice visual.
It had been a gamble working so near to Landmark and he hadn’t been able to stay out of sight as much as he’d planned. Hell, he’d gone looking for Dani, too often showing up at Masters to eat since he couldn’t get Dani’s home cooking. He sat outside the restaurant in his truck for hours after it closed and watched the windows of her apartment for any sign of movement.
He didn’t feel right about stalking his wife, but Forrest also wasn’t ready to tell her he’d quit the circuit and wanted a life with Dani, full time. He needed to know he could actually settle in one place for longer than a few weeks at a time without wanderlust sending him running.
And, he never thought he’d hurt Dani as much as he had just moments ago. Looking around town once more, Ms. Barton was nowhere in sight. He wasn’t sticking around. She could call him and set up another time to talk. His long legs ate up the distance to his truck in no time at all.

Opening the door, he climbed in and shut it. Putting the key in the ignition, he ignored the stifling heat. His head dropped to the cushion behind him and Forrest thought about his wife.

Inspiration for Forrest in Ropes Rodeos and Roundups:  

Saturday, November 21, 2015

NaNoWriMo Day 21 - Opening Scene

If you read yesterday's blog post then you know I finished book two in the series. Today I began book three. We have new characters, Dani and Kisec. Full names are Danika Davis and Forrest Kisecawchuck Kinlaw.

Dani owns Lucy B's in Landmark. Kisec is her husband. Now, don't worry. Their life isn't boring, far far from it.

And, as you can see in the title I'm posting the opening scene today to introduce you to the characters.


Danika pushed her way through the throng of bodies, pushing and shoving aside couples as discreetly as possible on the dance floor, though too often she was jostled like a pinball for her efforts; her focus solely on the back of the man she couldn’t tear her gaze away from. It couldn’t be she muttered all the while knowing the twisting in her gut wasn’t lying.
She stopped just feet from him, jer heart beating double time and her pulse spiking she would know him anywhere, she could swear even now his earthy scent filled her nostrils. She didn’t need to see his face to recall every inch of it. She dreamed it countless night when she was alone again in her bed.
Even after ten years she couldn’t help but drink him in.
Long black hair fell thick and straight down his back tonight. A long sleeved short, the cuffs rolled up his rope forearms, the material stretched tightly across his broad shoulders dipping into a V at his waist. His jean clad but looking more than fine seated on the stool.
Dani hesitated, perusing his body for her pleasure as she always did each time he was home.
The word wrenched a gap in her heart. At this point it had to be wider than the grand canyon. Landmark wasn’t his home. He made it perfectly clear settling down in one place wasn’t for him.
Dani closed her eyes and breathed deeply, trying to haul in enough oxygen into her lungs until the dizziness passed.
What was he doing here, then.
Silly question, her mind countered. He came often enough. But they had a set week out of the months he visited. And they always met at the ranch.
The thought of the place sent another jolt of pain shooting through Dani’s heart. He had helped her keep her grandmothers place, but the only time they used the place was for a… booty call.
Dani’s gaze honed in on him. That was all she seemed to mean to him. Turning she pushed back to their table. Grabbing her purse she slung it over her shoulder, making her way to the exit.

She had a lot to say to Forrest Kinlaw but a public place where she was well on her way to being drunk wasn’t the place to confront her husband. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

NaNoWriMo Day 20 - Last Scene

Wow. I never thought I'd write a post like this one. I finished Book 2 in Cowboy Cover Models Series in 20 days.

Just the first draft and lots of editing needs to be done, but that's okay and left for later.

The book came in just under 39K. But, I''ve already begun Book 3, so I'll have enough to complete the 50K needed for NaNoWriMo.

Here's the last scene. Very rough no editing at all for spelling or punctuation.


Rummaging through the cabinets, Tamara found coffee filters. She knew she should just leave. Surprised to find the cupboards fairly well stocked as the fridge. Anastasia had provided water, fruit, cheese and meat and bread for sandwiches. And coffee. It was too early for lunch and too late for breakfast, having slept in after making love and then once more in the middle of the night.
Pulling out items, she started the coffee and began making a sandwich. Over the din of noise, she heard the first moan. Tamara stopped. She must have been hearing things.
Stretching out her arm, to grab the filters, she thought she heard another sound. Her brows came together in a frown. That moan was so loud she could’ve sworn he’d been right behind her.
Tamara looked over her shoulder, but Jax lay on the bed, facing her still asleep. “Must be dreaming.” Moving to the refrigerator, she opened the door, leaning down, looking for some condiments.
There was no mistaking that sound. She stood and turned in one motion.
“Baby, what’re you doin’?”
“What am I doing,” she fisted her hands and slammed them on her hips. “That’s what I would like to know myself.”
“I woke to find you gone.”
Tamara’s stance softened. “Just wanted to make you breakfast.”
“As good as that sounds I’d rather eat you.”
She watched him throw off the covers. Even laying on his side his erection looked ginormous. She caught her lower lip between her teeth. Taking a step, she stopped. Another moan filled the cabin. His or hers, she wasn’t sure.
“If you’re going to make breakfast naked,” he held out his hand, “not that I’m complainin’ this is what’s gonna happen.”
“Oh.” Her mouth lifted. “I guess I’m going to have to take care of that aren’t I?”
“Mmmhmm.” Rushing across the room she leapt into bed.
“How long do you think we have until people start looking for us?”
“Quite a while. I texted Jacy we were still using the cabin.”
“So resourceful. Now get on up here and ride me.”

“Anything you say, Stetson, anything you say.” 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

NaNoWriMo Day 19 - Last Scene

Today I wrote more than I thought possible. Thursdays my husband is home and we're busy doing work around the house or shopping or just having fun out of town.

Today our plan was to do some work around the house. And we did. I wrote a few hundred words early in the day. And then, after the chores. Then suddenly the words just came flowing out.

Not only am I closer to 50k, but also almost finished with this novel.

I hope you enjoy today's excerpt. It's explicit.

Tamara gathered water in her palms rinsing the suds off his hips. She sank to her knees, swallowing the lump in her throat. His cock was huge right in front of her face. However, she ignored it unable to resist leaning in, nipping at the cute indentions on is narrow hips v’ing toward—yum. She turned her attention to the prize in front of her.
She leaned in, swiping up a bead of precum. Pulling her tongue back in her mouth, she rubbed the drop over the surface of her tongue, savoring his musky flavor like a fine wine. Forget caramel, she dropped her forehead to his groin. Jax was her new favorite treat. Pushing aside her own insecurities, not because she didn’t think she could please him. She knew she could, but the thought of this being the last time he would allow her to touch him kept circling in her brain like vultures over dead carcasses.
She wouldn’t think about that now. Still, Tamara hesitated. Jax hadn’t moved or made a sound since he nodded his consent. Inhaling, the woodsy body wash and his own scent filled her nostrils, giving her the boldness she needed to continue.
Pulling slightly away, she fisted the base of his cock in her right hand. She laid the flat of her tongue just above it and licked the veiny underside. She took her time sliding her tongue over and up and down the frenulum.
She couldn’t help the elation filling her when his leg muscles tensed and he sucked in a shallow breath. Still she was a long way off from her goal. Lapping up the underside of the head, she stuck the tip of her tongue in his slit then circled the head.
She worked her tongue around and around the lip of the mushroom head, reveling in the silky smoothness. Pulling back she blew on the head. Jax’s thigh muscles bunched and quivered. She was about to blow again when his fingers threaded on her wet hair, pulling her off him.
“Suck me.” His eyes were dilated and fixed on her mouth.
Tamara’s heart almost burst from her chest. And a rush of juices flooded her pussy. She made to nod, but his fist kept her head in place. “Okay,” she said.
“Open.” Jax didn’t release her hair instead he gently guided her to his eager member. She slid the head past the O of her lips, taking in as much as she could. She adjusted her hand on the base cupping his balls and gripped his thigh in her left hand.
Slowly she pulled up, running her tongue along the underside, making sure to caress the vein. Quickly she slid her mouth down taking in more. Tamara slowly pulled all the way up the head then lowering her mouth once more. She did it again and again. Each time she took in a little more of him.
She set up a slow rhythm that mimicked the throbbing in her needy clit. The tiny spark of hunger had turned into a flaming ember. Jax’s body tensed his muscles bunching and releasing, his cock lengthening and thickening becoming steel encased in velvet. His balls getting tighter and tighter with every up and down stroke.

Tamara relished in the thought that she could make him feel this way. He couldn’t deny his hunger for her. She was savoring the evidence of his need in her mouth. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

NaNoWriMo Day 18 - Last Scene

I'm doing a little happy dance, twirking my bootay to the sound of success in my head.

Sorry, I got carried away there for a minute. I just finished writing the ending of book 2 of Cowboy Cover Model Series.

Sadly to say, I have to go back and write the sex scene tomorrow. Then the book will be completely done.

Here's today's last scene. Enjoy!

“Jax.” Her throat closed up, cutting off all speech.
“Darlin’, I’d be the happiest man on earth if you’d agree to be my wife.” At his words, the crowd roared to its feet. It felt like the surge of a wave hitting her, locking up the words she wanted to say.
Was this what Jax really wanted? They had patched things up, had been good since the shoot and even better since the rodeo. Her mouth moved but she wasn’t sure any sound came out, the level of noise reached piercing heights.
“Leaning down, she yelled “yes.” In Jax’s ear.
He whooped, wrapped his arms around her waist standing and kissing her at the same time.
“Wave goodbye to the audience, darlin’,” he said in her ear when he came up for air.
She did as instructed as they disappeared behind the curtain.
“I guess they want a little privacy.” She heard Brad say. 
“I guess so,” Carrie answered.
“Did she say yes?”
“Of course, Brad. I don’t think he’d be that happy if she hadn’t.”
The rest of their words were lost as Jax found the exit and put bundled them into the waiting limo.
“I thought…”
“Nope. Just a ploy.” He stopped. “We can back if you want to stay.”
“What did you have in mind, cowboy?”
“Well, as you can see I got this new hat…”
“Shut up and kiss me.”
“Are you sure?” Tamara stared into her fiancé’s eyes. She could tell he was asking for more than just her desire to go back to the show.
She lifted her mouth to his, kissing him long and thorough, leaving him with no doubts. “Let’s get a hotel room, so I can see you in your new hat.”
“Baby, I have it on… Oh.”
“See, I knew you were a smart man.”
“In all the excitement I forgot to put the ring on your finger.”
“Hurry.” She bubbled on the inside as he opened the box and slid the princess cut blue diamond on her finger.
“You like?”
“It’s…” she paused. “You’re perfect.”
“I’ll remind you of that.”
“I have a lifetime to tell you.”
“Hmm.” Her head lay on his chest, staring at the ring.
“I love you.”

“Right back atcha, six pack.” 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

NaNoWriMo Day 17 - Last Scene

I didn't know I had it in me. For the last few years I've basically been plunking along writing when the mood struck. Well, NaNoWriMo put a fire beneath me and I'm writing daily and more words than I ever believed I could.

Met my goal for the day and am on track to finish 50k by the end of the month. Something I never believed would happen. If you've thought about joining NaNoWriMo but didn't believe you could make it think again. You can do it.

Today's last scene

“That smells pretty good. I’ve never had grits,” Dani said, finally breaking the silence ambling up next to Tamara.
“Wait till you taste them. Most people cook them with just water. And that’s fine if you’re going to mix them with another dish, but I still like to add a little more seasoning than most people just because that’s my preference.”
“Here.” Stasia held a beer over her shoulder. “You’ve worried enough over Jax, stop thinking for now and let’s eat and talk about important things.”
“Like?” Dani and Tam asked in unison.
“How was Jax in bed?”
Laughter filled the kitchen.

By the time Tamara closed the door on her friends, her mood had lightened considerably thanks to Dani and Stasia. She still didn’t know what to do about Jax. All she knew was she had to make it right whether he wanted her to or not.
Now all she had to do was figure out how to get him to listen to her.

“Jax if you’ll just listen…” This was the third time she had dropped by his house and the same number of times he had closed the door in her face. He was just hurt that was all. She couldn’t blame him. She was beginning to feel the same herself.   

Monday, November 16, 2015

NaNoWriMo - Day 16 Last Scene

I'm working furiously trying to get in enough words to get my word count up to meet my goal of 50k by the end of the month. 

So, why am I writing a blog post? I've done a few things to keep me accountable and on track. And I'm going to post the last few paragraphs of the scene I write each day for meeting my goal. 

Here's today's scene. 

Is that rope holding her dress together?”
“It’s yarn. My mom, she crochets.”
Jax grunted then decided to give his friend a little piece of advice. “Best keep an eye out on those girls. Guys may be lining up to buy them drinks, but…”
“…they’re sure to start some fights.” Wade nodded, finishing Jax’s sentence.
“What’re you gonna do about Tamara?”
“Not a thing. Well,” his gaze slid toward her once more. “At least Austin’s wife is wearing something somewhat decent.” He cocked his head to the side trying to figure out what was up with the hem on Tamar’s dress. Every few inches there were points like a V, but it was the inverted V that worried him. It showed off more of her thighs than he cared other men seeing. He hoped there was a corresponding V in the front like the one that just barely covered her fine looking butt. But, he couldn’t swear to it. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veteran's Thank You

Today I send a heartfelt thank you to veterans, past and present, for your hard work and sacrifice.

Mother & daughter <3:

Michael Stokes Photography: Photo:

just cried my eyes out. everyone should understand what our troops give up to protect us, people they dont even know. always support and thank the men and woman who make this country safe.:

This is actually a picture of the homecoming of our airforce friends that I randomly found on fb. How insane!:

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday Teaser

NaNoWriMo is going well. So far I'm on schedule maybe a little ahead. And I have to say, I never thought I could write so much.

The ideas I've generated are nice, but the thing of it is, they keep coming. Which surprises me. But, happily so. Today, thought you might like an excerpt from the book.

This is Jackson's and Tamara's story and their struggle to come together with an HEA at the end. Please note all of these excerpts are not edited. You're getting them just as I'm writing them for NaNoWriMo.

Hope you enjoy.

Jax pushed the door open, searching the nearly empty parking lot. He’d almost given up when he saw the door open from the silver Cabriolet convertible.
Tamara’s shapely leg appeared below the door. Pushing it wider, he noticed her dress had slipped up her thigh. It could have been just that or his first glimpse of the inside of her creamy legs when she hastily got out of the car, but whatever it was it sent all the blood draining to his half-hard cock and broke any good intentions he had.
Before he knew it he was beside her, gripping her small waist with his hands. “Wrap your legs around me, baby.”
He groaned with pleasure when she didn’t argue, just followed his instructions. With one arm wrapped around her waist, the other cupped below her pillowy soft ass cheeks, he strode toward his truck.
Gently leaning her body against the side of the cab, his lips touched hers. They felt perfect molded to his, soft and pliant and deepening the kiss for more, she was everything and more than he thought she would be. He caught the taste of caramel and chocolate from the beer she just drank at lunch. And when his tongue slipped out running along the seam wanting her to open to him, the smooth skin and her unique flavor almost had his knees buckling. Hunger for a woman, no this woman, only this woman, hit him like never before. 
“What… what are you doing?”
He groaned into her mouth, taking control, kissing her hungrily in answer. He didn’t want to give her time to think, He ravished her. He couldn’t help it. “Been wantin’ to do this since the first time I saw you,” he muttered against her lips. He moved his mouth over hers, his tongue searching, learning every inch or her sweet mouth.
Lifting his head, his heaving chest and short breaths matched hers. It seemed that since the day he first saw her he was always trying to catch his breath around this woman. “You taste so good… knew you would.”
“Why…?” Her unfocused stare sent a powerful kick of lust through his body.
“Darlin,’ do you know what you do to me? Feel it.” He ground his hip into her core. The heat spiking the late afternoon temperature. He leaned in nibbling up the side of her neck, his tongue darting out to lick the soft, salty skin, all the while, murmuring, “Did you know when you’re lost in thought you take off your glasses and bite the end of them? God, I’ve watched that mouth of yours. When you spew sass, or laugh at one of Maddie’s lame jokes like she’s a talented comedian, and…”
“You’ve been watching me?”
He smiled as her body shivered in his arms. “Just when we’re in the same place. And I’ve got to say,” he growled, nipping at her ear, “you’re damn sexy. Now, no more talkin’. Got lots of kissin’ to do to make up for the last few months.
He watched as her eyes began to turn from the dream-like state they were in to reality. He couldn’t have that. His mouth descended on hers in a hungry possession. Maybe that wasn’t the right word, she took possession of his. Because hell, ever since he met her
Her soft flesh, such a contrast to his hard one made it extremely difficult not to release his throbbing cock, straining against her core pressed against him, and plunge into the hot wetness dampening his jeans.
Even though her nearness tortured him, he reveled in it and all he cared about was consuming her. But he wasn’t going to rush this. He’d been in purgatory for months now, seeing her around town, out with her friends, listening to the soft southern tone of her voice. Her laugh, sometimes loud with a bark at a joke or a clear melody when she found something funny. The way she tucked a stray hair behind her ear that had him wanting to smooth his fingers over it then down the long column of her neck.
Tamara had enticed him to this and damn if he wasn’t going to take his time. Instantly his mouth found hers. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tell all Tuesday

Sunday I began, like thousands of other writers, NaNoWriMo. I knew going in writing on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays were going to be a challenge.

And the first day, while it didn't get me down, was tough to get out a decent word count. Mondays are a bust because of my job. Yes, I still have to work, pay those nasty bills each month, and so I completed my Monday tasks with the hopes of getting in some writing later in the evening.

I did get in a few hundred words, but family circumstances, dealing with my teenage niece, she's practically mine since she's always here, and her rough day at school, trying to schedule getting her license, and parents just took up the rest of my evening.

Today, I'm on track. During this little breather I thought I'd post part of chapter One. And I hope you'll check back on Friday when I give part of chapter one that covers my fictional town Landmark, Texas where this series takes place.

Tamara ran her damp palms down the peasant style gauzy, light blue top, trying to gather the courage that threatened to desert her. There was no need for her to be nervous. Just a late lunch, a business meeting actually, to plan Jackson’s shoot with Jacy.
She had covered Jackson’s concerns in their last three meetings, so this was just a formality to sign the contract. Knowing she should have pinned the man down to a day and time their last meeting, “crap,” why did she think of pinning and Jax at the same time. Being touched, kissed, heck, anything by Jackson Taylor seemed to star in her fantasies the last few months.
“Ever since that silly double date with Jacy and Trace.” All was fine on that front, “for the time being.” They were dating and he’d let Stasia keep his likeness on the book cover, so Tamara was feeling pretty confident right now. Jax’s signature was just a formality.
Now, if she could get her mind off a certain cowboy, she’d feel better, peachy, maybe even great.
Yet, she couldn’t get Jax off of her mind, and she had tried. But it seemed every word she wrote—nope she refused to relive every failed lyric with his name or looks or freaking cowboys in each line—nope not going to do that.
Grabbing ahold of her flailing confidence, she squared her narrow shoulders, straightened to her full five foot two height, and pushed open the door stepping inside Master’s Steakhouse Bar & Grille. “All I need is a few short minutes for him to sign the papers,” she murmured, entering the establishment. Cool air hit her overheated body. Her second summer in Landmark was proving to be a scorcher, hot and humid like Nashville and difficult to get used to since she had spent last summer in Baltimore.

Boxer Briefs & Boots

Hello, everyone. The last few years have been difficult. With the death of my husband came many responsibilities. Some I was ready for. Many...