Monday, November 16, 2015

NaNoWriMo - Day 16 Last Scene

I'm working furiously trying to get in enough words to get my word count up to meet my goal of 50k by the end of the month. 

So, why am I writing a blog post? I've done a few things to keep me accountable and on track. And I'm going to post the last few paragraphs of the scene I write each day for meeting my goal. 

Here's today's scene. 

Is that rope holding her dress together?”
“It’s yarn. My mom, she crochets.”
Jax grunted then decided to give his friend a little piece of advice. “Best keep an eye out on those girls. Guys may be lining up to buy them drinks, but…”
“…they’re sure to start some fights.” Wade nodded, finishing Jax’s sentence.
“What’re you gonna do about Tamara?”
“Not a thing. Well,” his gaze slid toward her once more. “At least Austin’s wife is wearing something somewhat decent.” He cocked his head to the side trying to figure out what was up with the hem on Tamar’s dress. Every few inches there were points like a V, but it was the inverted V that worried him. It showed off more of her thighs than he cared other men seeing. He hoped there was a corresponding V in the front like the one that just barely covered her fine looking butt. But, he couldn’t swear to it. 

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