Wednesday, November 18, 2015

NaNoWriMo Day 18 - Last Scene

I'm doing a little happy dance, twirking my bootay to the sound of success in my head.

Sorry, I got carried away there for a minute. I just finished writing the ending of book 2 of Cowboy Cover Model Series.

Sadly to say, I have to go back and write the sex scene tomorrow. Then the book will be completely done.

Here's today's last scene. Enjoy!

“Jax.” Her throat closed up, cutting off all speech.
“Darlin’, I’d be the happiest man on earth if you’d agree to be my wife.” At his words, the crowd roared to its feet. It felt like the surge of a wave hitting her, locking up the words she wanted to say.
Was this what Jax really wanted? They had patched things up, had been good since the shoot and even better since the rodeo. Her mouth moved but she wasn’t sure any sound came out, the level of noise reached piercing heights.
“Leaning down, she yelled “yes.” In Jax’s ear.
He whooped, wrapped his arms around her waist standing and kissing her at the same time.
“Wave goodbye to the audience, darlin’,” he said in her ear when he came up for air.
She did as instructed as they disappeared behind the curtain.
“I guess they want a little privacy.” She heard Brad say. 
“I guess so,” Carrie answered.
“Did she say yes?”
“Of course, Brad. I don’t think he’d be that happy if she hadn’t.”
The rest of their words were lost as Jax found the exit and put bundled them into the waiting limo.
“I thought…”
“Nope. Just a ploy.” He stopped. “We can back if you want to stay.”
“What did you have in mind, cowboy?”
“Well, as you can see I got this new hat…”
“Shut up and kiss me.”
“Are you sure?” Tamara stared into her fiancé’s eyes. She could tell he was asking for more than just her desire to go back to the show.
She lifted her mouth to his, kissing him long and thorough, leaving him with no doubts. “Let’s get a hotel room, so I can see you in your new hat.”
“Baby, I have it on… Oh.”
“See, I knew you were a smart man.”
“In all the excitement I forgot to put the ring on your finger.”
“Hurry.” She bubbled on the inside as he opened the box and slid the princess cut blue diamond on her finger.
“You like?”
“It’s…” she paused. “You’re perfect.”
“I’ll remind you of that.”
“I have a lifetime to tell you.”
“Hmm.” Her head lay on his chest, staring at the ring.
“I love you.”

“Right back atcha, six pack.” 

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