Thursday, November 19, 2015

NaNoWriMo Day 19 - Last Scene

Today I wrote more than I thought possible. Thursdays my husband is home and we're busy doing work around the house or shopping or just having fun out of town.

Today our plan was to do some work around the house. And we did. I wrote a few hundred words early in the day. And then, after the chores. Then suddenly the words just came flowing out.

Not only am I closer to 50k, but also almost finished with this novel.

I hope you enjoy today's excerpt. It's explicit.

Tamara gathered water in her palms rinsing the suds off his hips. She sank to her knees, swallowing the lump in her throat. His cock was huge right in front of her face. However, she ignored it unable to resist leaning in, nipping at the cute indentions on is narrow hips v’ing toward—yum. She turned her attention to the prize in front of her.
She leaned in, swiping up a bead of precum. Pulling her tongue back in her mouth, she rubbed the drop over the surface of her tongue, savoring his musky flavor like a fine wine. Forget caramel, she dropped her forehead to his groin. Jax was her new favorite treat. Pushing aside her own insecurities, not because she didn’t think she could please him. She knew she could, but the thought of this being the last time he would allow her to touch him kept circling in her brain like vultures over dead carcasses.
She wouldn’t think about that now. Still, Tamara hesitated. Jax hadn’t moved or made a sound since he nodded his consent. Inhaling, the woodsy body wash and his own scent filled her nostrils, giving her the boldness she needed to continue.
Pulling slightly away, she fisted the base of his cock in her right hand. She laid the flat of her tongue just above it and licked the veiny underside. She took her time sliding her tongue over and up and down the frenulum.
She couldn’t help the elation filling her when his leg muscles tensed and he sucked in a shallow breath. Still she was a long way off from her goal. Lapping up the underside of the head, she stuck the tip of her tongue in his slit then circled the head.
She worked her tongue around and around the lip of the mushroom head, reveling in the silky smoothness. Pulling back she blew on the head. Jax’s thigh muscles bunched and quivered. She was about to blow again when his fingers threaded on her wet hair, pulling her off him.
“Suck me.” His eyes were dilated and fixed on her mouth.
Tamara’s heart almost burst from her chest. And a rush of juices flooded her pussy. She made to nod, but his fist kept her head in place. “Okay,” she said.
“Open.” Jax didn’t release her hair instead he gently guided her to his eager member. She slid the head past the O of her lips, taking in as much as she could. She adjusted her hand on the base cupping his balls and gripped his thigh in her left hand.
Slowly she pulled up, running her tongue along the underside, making sure to caress the vein. Quickly she slid her mouth down taking in more. Tamara slowly pulled all the way up the head then lowering her mouth once more. She did it again and again. Each time she took in a little more of him.
She set up a slow rhythm that mimicked the throbbing in her needy clit. The tiny spark of hunger had turned into a flaming ember. Jax’s body tensed his muscles bunching and releasing, his cock lengthening and thickening becoming steel encased in velvet. His balls getting tighter and tighter with every up and down stroke.

Tamara relished in the thought that she could make him feel this way. He couldn’t deny his hunger for her. She was savoring the evidence of his need in her mouth. 

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