Saturday, November 21, 2015

NaNoWriMo Day 21 - Opening Scene

If you read yesterday's blog post then you know I finished book two in the series. Today I began book three. We have new characters, Dani and Kisec. Full names are Danika Davis and Forrest Kisecawchuck Kinlaw.

Dani owns Lucy B's in Landmark. Kisec is her husband. Now, don't worry. Their life isn't boring, far far from it.

And, as you can see in the title I'm posting the opening scene today to introduce you to the characters.


Danika pushed her way through the throng of bodies, pushing and shoving aside couples as discreetly as possible on the dance floor, though too often she was jostled like a pinball for her efforts; her focus solely on the back of the man she couldn’t tear her gaze away from. It couldn’t be she muttered all the while knowing the twisting in her gut wasn’t lying.
She stopped just feet from him, jer heart beating double time and her pulse spiking she would know him anywhere, she could swear even now his earthy scent filled her nostrils. She didn’t need to see his face to recall every inch of it. She dreamed it countless night when she was alone again in her bed.
Even after ten years she couldn’t help but drink him in.
Long black hair fell thick and straight down his back tonight. A long sleeved short, the cuffs rolled up his rope forearms, the material stretched tightly across his broad shoulders dipping into a V at his waist. His jean clad but looking more than fine seated on the stool.
Dani hesitated, perusing his body for her pleasure as she always did each time he was home.
The word wrenched a gap in her heart. At this point it had to be wider than the grand canyon. Landmark wasn’t his home. He made it perfectly clear settling down in one place wasn’t for him.
Dani closed her eyes and breathed deeply, trying to haul in enough oxygen into her lungs until the dizziness passed.
What was he doing here, then.
Silly question, her mind countered. He came often enough. But they had a set week out of the months he visited. And they always met at the ranch.
The thought of the place sent another jolt of pain shooting through Dani’s heart. He had helped her keep her grandmothers place, but the only time they used the place was for a… booty call.
Dani’s gaze honed in on him. That was all she seemed to mean to him. Turning she pushed back to their table. Grabbing her purse she slung it over her shoulder, making her way to the exit.

She had a lot to say to Forrest Kinlaw but a public place where she was well on her way to being drunk wasn’t the place to confront her husband. 

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