Monday, November 23, 2015

NaNoWriMo Day 23 - Last Scene

Some of you are thinking what happened to day 22. I didn't slack off. I wrote a little of 1200 words, but it being Sunday I thought I'd take a day off for posting.

I'm back today. Still a few days ahead of schedule. I just finished today's scene. The beginning of Chapter three. It's very rough. Much more so than the last ones I have written.

If you go back and reread, my posts featuring Tamara and Jax they're tight because I planned the entire book out before NaNoWriMo.

For book three, I've had the idea from day one, but I'm writing by the seat of my pants again. No problem, I'll finish on time, but as I said, I can see the difference in the quality.

Still, enjoy. I think you'll like Kisec. This scene is from his POV. And, he's thinking of Dani. Oh, Kisec's full name, Kisecawchuck. He's a Cree Indain and the name means 'daystar'.

Oh, and at the end a nice visual.
It had been a gamble working so near to Landmark and he hadn’t been able to stay out of sight as much as he’d planned. Hell, he’d gone looking for Dani, too often showing up at Masters to eat since he couldn’t get Dani’s home cooking. He sat outside the restaurant in his truck for hours after it closed and watched the windows of her apartment for any sign of movement.
He didn’t feel right about stalking his wife, but Forrest also wasn’t ready to tell her he’d quit the circuit and wanted a life with Dani, full time. He needed to know he could actually settle in one place for longer than a few weeks at a time without wanderlust sending him running.
And, he never thought he’d hurt Dani as much as he had just moments ago. Looking around town once more, Ms. Barton was nowhere in sight. He wasn’t sticking around. She could call him and set up another time to talk. His long legs ate up the distance to his truck in no time at all.

Opening the door, he climbed in and shut it. Putting the key in the ignition, he ignored the stifling heat. His head dropped to the cushion behind him and Forrest thought about his wife.

Inspiration for Forrest in Ropes Rodeos and Roundups:  

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