Tuesday, November 24, 2015

NaNoWriMo Day 24 - Last Scene

I had a rough start this afternoon writing. If you read yesterday's post you know Kisec is a Cree Indian. This chapter is from his POV, so I needed to add background.

Research had to be limited only because I wanted to get in at least 2K words today. The research had me writing, stopping, looking up information I needed, and then writing bit by bit.

But, once I had enough real information to satisfy me, the scene just fell together. I wrote a little over 3500 words this afternoon.

Here's the last scene, Forrest telling Anastasia how he and Dani met.


Taking a gulp, he grimaced at the lukewarm liquid and pushed the cup away. Lacing his fingers, he thought about the next part of the story. Did she want a play by play of the hands, how Dani systematically won most, lost a few? Nah, too long.
He knew where to begin. “Dani and I had eliminated the rest of the players. Watching her play, I could see how she had, but I wasn’t certain how I was even playing the game. My focus was on her.
“I couldn’t wait to taste her. The neckline of her dress was a U shape that just covered her perky tits.” He looked up at his remark. “Maybe you’d rather hear the word breast. Some women think tits is derogatory.”
“It’s your story, tell it how you want.”
“Okay…tits it is. I wanted to run my tongue over the swell peeking above the neckline. I ached to nibble my way up her neck and pull on the lobe of her ear. I had obsessed all night about kissing off that red lipstick, having her slather more on and…” Forrest stopped. He hadn’t meant to go into that much detail. But, even after all this time, he couldn’t shake the ache low in his groin for Danika Davis.
And it seemed these last ten years he had tried by staying away from her most of the time.
“Go on.” Anastasia urged.
“I… you know what I wanted.” He looked the woman in the eye, saying without words where his mind was that night, and now.
“Fuck,” he cursed, shifting his erect cock in his jeans.
“Yes,” she laughed. It was a nice light sound. “I’m sure you got to that later.”
“Tell me what you were thinking other than how much you wanted her?”
“What I saw that was different than your initial summing up of Dani?”
“I knew there was more to you than a fine body and handsome face.”
“Can’t help it. My parents are geniuses.”
“Oh? Now, you’re just full of yourself.”
“Nah, I like to brag on them. Both have IQ’s over one-forty, so I tell other as often as I can. I’m just happy some of it rubbed off on me.”
“Okay, cowboy, lets get off you and back to the story.”
“I guess you’re not that impressed.”
“By your parents, yes. You, I’ll reserve judgment.”
The banter had his cock softening, but it threatened to harden as he remembered Dani that night. “I was mesmerized. Yes, her looks drew me in, but you have to realize, she played…well, I can only say she played the players. Her intuitiveness was seldom wrong, and when she was set back, she adjusted quickly, not dwelling on the loss, and forged on.
Her determination was evident, her confidence only enhanced her sexiness, and my God, she nodded in recognition to players that bettered her in hand she lost, and treated the same way when she turned the tables and beat us.
“I had the feeling she could have drawn out the last hand between us.” He cocked his head as if seeing something for the first time. “The way I acted throughout, she had every right to show me up, hand after hand making me suffer for much longer than she did.
“And I also had the suspicion she could have swooped in and ended my misery much sooner than she did. Her timing was impeccable. Just enough hands to make me look like a worthy opponent and her win was earned when in fact I was floundering from the beginning of that last game.”

Forrest trailed off, remembering so much more of that last game. Things he wanted to reflect on, savor, and then figure how the hell he could get that back. As he wound his tale for Anastasia, he realized she had been as much into him as he to her. He had been so wrapped up in trying to stay in the game and in the woman, he had missed the signs. 

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