Thursday, December 3, 2015

Christmas Vacation vs Home Alone

You knew it was going to happen. The holiday season is upon us and of course that means Christmas movies.

In our house it's Christmas Vacation.

Which is so not my favorite.

In fact, I can barely get through the movie, but so much better than It's a Wonderful Life. Anyway, I digress. Not liking Christmas Vacation is somewhat of a conundrum because Christmas is not my holiday and no matter what the intention of the movie is, it definitely portrays Christmas and the way we celebrate in a bad light.

Christmas is okay, but I see my family weekly and some of them daily, so nothing special there. To add to that there is no spark as we gather at my father's home. I could say a few years ago it was because mother had passed away, but it's been eight years, going on nine now, and we've all gone through the grief process. But, the atmosphere is one of doom and gloom. (Not me).

Image result for christmas vacationBut, I think it's because our Christmases are somewhat similar to Christmas Vacation. All the work is done by the Griswolds. They have a home invasion of family members and then there is that one person who shows up, that shouldn't be there, and [he or she] has no clue they're mucking up the holiday.

But, is Home Alone any different. Of course, when Kevin is abandoned by his family, his world is quite peaceful, except for a few pesky would be robbers that actually break up the monotony.

However, before Kevin found himself spending Christmas alone, their home was a war zone of moochers, annoying siblings, and me, me, me attitude by Kevin. (Kind of like family sucking your...) well enough of that.

Image result for home aloneBoth movies redeem themselves in the end, so I guess it's a matter of what you like more. Slapstick comedy that Chevy Chase is so good at and brings on the laughs. Beverly D'Angelo the beautiful wife trying to be the voice of reason with a few kids and in-laws thrown in or a few hours of the cute kid trying to steal our hearts, which gets old fast.

Oh, btw, I've made peace with the holiday, so my bah-humbug attitude, which I love Dicken's A Christmas Carol, only goes so far as this blog. Right now, I'm stringing lights. playing Christmas music and planning the goodies I'll be baking for the next few weeks.

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