Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Goodies from the kitchen

This is the time of year I bake. Now you don't want to hear about my weird dietary requirements, and believe me, if I had my preference I'd live on French bread, Nutella or any chocolate, cheese and wine. Nope not from France, but just love that type of food.

But no, allergies to wheat keep me from the foods I love. Annnyyyhhhoowww. I'm baking like crazy and thought you might like a sample.

Enjoy! And, oh, you're welcome!

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Satisfy your chocolate and peanut butter cravings with these Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Crunch Balls! | MomOnTimeout.com:

christmas hunk images | Ho Ho Ho takes on new meaning...but back to the Disco Christmas Light ...

Chocolate cookie dough rolled in powdered sugar and baked into a festive black and white cookie. Perfect Christmas cookies!:

1470212_406974342770448_1595644203_n.jpg (624×935):

Candied Cherry Cookies | by Life Tastes Good are a wonderful addition to your Christmas cookie tray. A delicate vanilla cookie studded with a sweet candied cherry is as delicious as it is beautiful. These festive cookies are easy to make too!:

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