Tuesday, December 1, 2015

To NaNoWriMo and Beyond....

Ooops. Sorry about that I got carried away there for a minute. I've been writing about NaNoWriMo for so many days now, that it seems that is all I have on my mind.

Believe me, completing 50k was all that was on my mind. However, I reaped way more in rewards. When I began I knew the title of book two, the names of the characters and the male lead was a cowboy Casanova.

The theme of getting him on the cover of the author's book was there, but I knew little else. So, I plotted. I am not a plotter. I sit down and just write.

While I did that with the story itself, the dialogue, how I would put them into a certain situation was all came from just writing.

But, I did sit down and typed out chapter by chapter what I wanted from them. Yes, they took tangents, and I'm so grateful for that.

The one thing I can truly say was the best thing to come from a month of writing was learning about my characters.

Not only Tamara and Jackson and at the end Danika and Forrest (Kisec), but the minor characters and people on my fictional town of Landmark Texas.

So, I want you to meet them, too. My Pinterest boards to the right of my posts were built during NaNoWriMo. I needed some inspiration and those pictures gave them to me.

Meet Anastasia Barton. Anastasia is an older version of Ashley Graham, but still just as beautiful. I wasn't sure just what my author would look like. And as she became more pivotal to the stories, I had to create more for her character.

I love Ashley's curves. Her beauty is not a facade, but goes well beyond skin. I can't say anything about the model, I don't know her, but Anastasia, is a take charge woman, embraces her assets and faults. She's a caring woman as seen in the way she's moved to Landmark to take care of her grandparents. (I've noticed I have a lot of grandparents or grandmothers in this series), but I guess that's because I cared so much about mine. They are all gone now, along with my mother, but I can remember happy times shared with them. That is what I wanted for my characters.
And Anastasia is a romantic. She's not above fixing up those around her as we'll see in book three.

Click here to get to know Anastasia a little more.

Add a another ten years to her age and she's perfect for my character Anastasia, the writer who is behind the scenes in Cowboy Cover Models series.:

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