Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday Teaser - Boxer Briefs and Boots

Teasing you all with excerpts from book one of  my cowboy cover model series, Boxer Briefs and Boots.

     “Annoying Diva.” Jacy whispered quietly, shaking her head at the sashaying backside of the male model. What had she gotten into, she thought, removing the zoom lens from her camera. The cover model dipped or hitched his step, she really couldn’t tell which, before wiggling his taut ass, encased in tighty-whitey boxer briefs before turning, sitting, and pulling off the expensive pair of black leather boots they had used as a prop.
He caught her eye and the corner of his mouth lifted in a blinding smile. Capped. She gave him a bland smile, and went back to packing up her equipment, but not before noticing  not a muscle on his face moved. Botoxed. Jacy really looked at the model for the first time. Tanned. Sprayed on. Thick pecs. Probably implants. 
He wasn’t more than four inches taller than Jacy’s five, five and a half frame and didn’t outweigh her by twenty-five pounds. He’d weigh more if you lost a little weight, her inner thin girl chimed in.
Jacy looked down at her body. She wore a hot-pink tank top and black Capris. Both fit comfortably, not too tight or loose. Just enough to hide your size fourteen body. Jacy squelched the sarcastic voice in her head. She was comfortable with the five extra pounds; more like fifteen, the bitch chimed in, “got it,” Jacy gritted her teeth, agreeing there were ten extra pounds glued to her shapely butt and thighs.
Jacy was curvy, but in all the right places. So she’d been told. Sadly by her friend Tamara.

"The sweat beading on his muscular chest, his lips, his hair mussed up about his face, the biceps of his arms..it's all too much of an irresistible cocktail of pleasure and beauty."  ----Pearl thinking about Alexandre in Shades of Pearl  by Arianne Richmonde:

Monday, January 25, 2016

Man Candy - Monday

I couldn't resist adding to the throng of other blogs, adding a man candy Monday. My little twist is that these guys are the finalists in my idea for my Cowboy Cover Model Series.

Book 1 should be out in Mid to late March. More to come.

Xo. Stud:

cowboy - Male Models and Photographers. Photos and videos of men,modeling.Athletic,fitness,fashion,underwear,asian,black,hunks photography.:

"Aiden, it's about time you finally got your story so we could get females from Nikita's pack for our mates. I have a hankering for Lucy. She's a cute lil filly." Stephen, cowboy werewolf from The Mating Challenge:

Hope these guys have made your day a little brighter.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Down Time

While, I'm no Picasso or Rembrandt, between editing and writing to clear my mind, I enjoy drawing or painting.

I wanted to share something other than writing with you. Here's an ocean picture because on this January day it is a breezy 28 degrees, snow falling, with forecast of snow until late in the night and about 8-12 inches.

Yay winter!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hero or Antihero?

I read an interesting blog on romance novel heroes recently. It was slightly informative, but mainly encouraged writers to capture the essence of the main male character right off the bat. To make him a hero, having his moral compass shine through, and him live by it no matter the cost.

The code, of the west, or any point you wish to name, for that matter. It went on to give a few examples of what characteristics the male hero would embody, honesty, right and wrong, not swaying from his beliefs; even to the point of losing the woman, and it made me wonder about one of my book's heroes, or I should say antiheroes.

I have a menage that I'm retooling. It didn't sell well and so I've pulled it and revamping it. The story is about thieves. So right away, I don't have a hero.
soccer player Stuart Reardon...ELECTRA:
The main male characters abduct the female lead for debts owed to them. They live outside the law, making their own rules. But, as the story unfolds we see their brand of morals coming through.  Abducting a woman is seriously testing the limits they've set for themselves. And then those boundaries are constantly pushed when they are immediately attracted to one another (deciding to forego the debt altogether among other things).

Society calls them criminals, and rightly so. However, even if they never broke the law, upstanding citizens would label them as rebels, rogues, outcasts. Men whose moral characters are intact, but people seldom see because they refuse to look past their outward appearance.

And isn't it interesting that we use the term dark romance describing a book that has questionable character values. And furthermore, these types of books are so popular right now.

The antiheroes live on the edge, both men and women, bending the rules with their own brand of morality.

Yet, we give these characters traits of right and wrong, honesty, standing up for what they believe in, etc., but those values extend only toward the other main character. And that is after the antihero uses his special skills to break the heroine. And when that doesn't happen, he finally comes to terms of feelings for the other person.

Gray and black narrow stripe jacket, black sweater vest, white shirt, black tie with tiny white polka dots, black with white pocket square, perfection: Antiheroes are much more complex, and interesting than the hero. I like them both, but to push myself, writing the antihero is so much more satisfying (after all the agony I go through to get the character right).

I am reminded of several authors who write the antihero so well.  Kitty Thomas' Comfort Food, Pepper Winters' Tears of Tess (Q), are just a few of the authors I enjoy. But that doesn't mean there aren't more, and who also write the antihero so well.

My point? Hero or antihero, whichever becomes the main character, we fiction writers imbue them with much of the same qualities, but within extremely different circumstances and situations.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Workout Wednesday

Wait! Don't leave yet. And no, I have not joined the resolution craze to get healthy, workout more, lose weight, etc. In fact, I have no resolutions this year at all.

I'm comfortable with myself. I like to take walks, and have no plans to ramp up that bit of exercise I indulge in. But, I thought that while you're joining the rest of the world training your body daily, you may want to test the limits your heart rate can increase by pursuing a little... man candy.

Enjoy this week's routine.
And I don't even like country!:

Notorious J.A.Y. : Resurrection:
Hay Lifting
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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year - a day late

Hope you're enjoying this new year. Sorry I'm late. Of course, since I was busy with trying to make the holidays nice for the family, I got sick.

And as usual, it began mid-December and hasn't let go yet.

So, happy new year to my fellow romance writers, bloggers, all authors, and fans.

Oh, and Landmark is hopping ever since Dani and Forrest tied the knot on December 23rd. Check out those pages here if you missed them.

Boxer Briefs & Boots

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