Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tempt Me

Here's a teaser from Boxer Briefs and Boots. And the pic below just might be part of the cover. Still deciding on that.

Trace’s manly scent mixed with the sweat of hard work teased her nostrils, as he stepped near, making her pulse race and palms damp. She didn’t need the distraction right now. She had to keep her mind off him. Do the right thing. She grabbed her purse, unzipped the bag, yanked the release form out, shoved it and a pen in his upturned hands. “Sign this, and I’ll be on my way.”
“How dare you?” She advanced on him with all the fury of an F-5 tornado. She didn’t think it was one bit comical that he stumbled and put up his hands to ward her off. “How dare you make me a dupe, while you’ve got a…” her glare darted to the empty space around them, dropping her voice to barely a whisper, “a wife and kids waiting for you at home.”
Jacy had never been more shocked in her life when the corners of his mouth lifted in a slow smile and his stare took a leisurely survey of her body. But then, he was a snake, a charming one at that, but still a serpent meant to tempt.  
“Now, darlin’.”
“Darlin’? I’m not your darling,” Jacy spat out. But the sight of him in worn, dusty jeans and sweaty t-shirt called up images of them rolling around in some hayloft took some of the sting out of her voice.
“Keep your damn voice down,” he said through gritted teeth, grabbing her arm and hauling her past the living room furniture, through the French door to the left of the fireplace, out onto the massive deck.
“Don’t you people do anything by halves?” Jacy snapped, seeing four different groups of seating, a sunroom to her right with dining table and more furniture beyond a narrow strip of deck. Who knew what lay beyond?
“This is Texas, darlin’.”
“I know that,” Jacy retorted. “You’re like a rattler among the blue-bonnets. You get bit when you try to pick a bouquet of lovely flowers.”
“You think I’m good lookin’?”  Her brow rose. How had he gleaned good looking instead of snake in that sentence? And why did she want to automatically agree with him. It was all Jacy could do to keep from slapping him or grabbing his face and pulling him to her, kissing those soft, full lips that had her salivating from the first look.
“Get over yourself. Now, I’ll keep my mouth shut about…” her hand flapped between them, “… us, against my better judgment and the way my nana raised me, as long as you sign this release document.”
Jacy was speechless and livid all at the same time watching him drop the paper and pen to a chair as he sidled closer, wrapping his arms around her, saying, “Damn, you’re even cuter than I remember, and all fired up like you are, that red hair and eyes ablazin’ like emerald fire. Don’t think so darlin’. I want to…”
What are you doing? she shrieked, not caring that the pitch would have his wife running out her any second. The scoundrel deserved to be discovered. 

Boxer Briefs & Boots

Hello, everyone. The last few years have been difficult. With the death of my husband came many responsibilities. Some I was ready for. Many...