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Jacy and Trace - Live

Jacy and Trace's story is published. Thank you all for the support here on my blog.
The story changed, mainly in POV to all first person. After the last chapter, Trace insisting it be written in first person and in present tense, I edited the rest of the paragraphs.
I also edited out my mistakes and added descriptions and actions.

Here's the cover and excerpt.
Find them for .99 cents @

Excerpt from the Bachelor/Bacheloretted Party. 
Warning: Racy scene follows.

I was starving. And it wasn’t for the thirty-two-ounce Porterhouse I had ordered. It seemed it had been days since I felt her supple body beneath mine cradled between her thighs, sliding in and out of her heated core clenching on my… Fuck, it had been longer since I’d bound her to the bed, lying helpless and at my mercy; the hint of uncertainty mixed with the heat of her desire shining in her eyes, fueling my need eating at me.
I wanted to take my time slowly ravishing her. To feel the weight of her plump breasts cushioned in his hands. Her peach colored nipples tightening to diamond points begging for my touch. I’d nip and suckle one, all the while rolling the other between my fingers. Clamp them a chain extending from the ends I would tug just to watch her head thrash and hear those guttural moans. 
God, I ached to slide my tongue along her slick folds taking her engorged and quivering bud in my mouth, lapping up her honeyed cream. She, wet and writhing her hips bucking upward in unfulfilled need. Teasing her with feather-like strokes with the pad of my fingers and tongue, biting the soft flesh of her inner thighs licking away the hurt until her body trembled on the edge of insanity. Not until she melted with the knowledge of my command over her entire being would I give her the pleasure she ached for before I found my own release.
“Dude, you didn’t like my toast?” Presly said.
“Ugh, sure.”
“You weren’t even listening.”
“I… sorry kid. My mind was on…” My gaze darted across the room. “I’ve been caught and I freely admit it.”
Their eyes followed mine, knowing grins filled their faces. “Yeah, who needs to know he’s the best bro when he’s got a cutie on his mind.”
“Pres, I am sorry.”
“Like I said, to the best brother, I hope I find a woman half as beautiful, talented, and loves me just as much.”

Was that a wistful note I detected in his voice? Cheers erupted around me, turning my thoughts away from the youngest member of the Blackwell clan. My gaze kept straying back to open doorway. Dammit, what the hell was I doing fantasizing of having sex with my woman in a crowded restaurant? I couldn’t resist the urge to see Jacy any longer but if I stood now everyone in the room would see my dick was leading the way. I needed a distraction in the worse way. 

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Kane Caldwell - Dark Edge -Cover Reveal

Title: Dark Edges
Author: Kane Caldwell
Release Date: TBA
Add on Goodreads

I’m not your good ole boy or boy-next-door type of guy.
If that’s what you’re looking for, I suggest you move on. I curse a lot, work too fucking much, and keep to myself. My edges are hard, rough, and even dark at times.
I never thought I would wind up in the business I’m in. I may not always play by the rules, but I go where the money is, keep my nose clean, and my affairs organized.
Who knew one fucking e-mail would change everything in my controlled life. I swore I’d never touch a case like hers again, but there was something intriguing behind every word I read.
 She had my attention, she would have my services, but I never thought she’d steal my heart.
My name is Chase Black, owner of Dark Edges PI.

I’m your good girl and I once had everything.
A big beautiful house with a view of gorgeous mountains, an expensive car, stress-free job, a wardrobe any woman would die for, but one thing was missing… the ever-absent husband.
I never expected to be in the position I’m in, but I needed answers.
I sent one e-mail thinking I would figure it all out. It wasn’t the route I intended to take. The life I’d been living was a lie and he gave me the answers I needed. What happened next I wasn’t prepared for.
He had my information, he took the case, but I never thought he’d capture my heart.
My name is Naomi McAllister, owner of a broken heart.

This is our story…


Even as my ankles began to sting with the strain they held, I couldn’t move, I was in a trance. A spell that only he had the power to break and I gazed up at him with burning desire, silently giving myself to him, waiting for his command.

Chase broke the thick hunger-filled tension and firmly whispered, “Knees.”

I didn’t question or hesitate, I don’t even think I flinched when I easily moved to kneel before him causing the fabric of my skirt spreading to its limits. 

“That’s my girl,” he coarsely muttered.

Raging emotions came over me and my lids fluttered to hold back the stinging tears. He instantly crouched before me, taking my shaky hands in his. “You trust me, Naomi?”

“Yes,” I breathed.

Chase nodded, placing my hand on my thigh, and he raised his to brush it across my cheek. The gentle touch of his rough hand had me leaning into it and closing my eyes and when he squeezed the hand he was still holding, my eyes flickered open.

With his hand cupping my cheek, eyes on mine, he began to slowly lean in and my tongue automatically came out to trace my lips. His eyes dropped to my mouth and watched its movement and when they lifted to mine, he gave a throaty growl. The dampness between my legs seeped onto my thighs and the pounding in my chest radiated throughout my body.

I straightened my back and braced for the lips of Chase Black to meet mine. 

Author Info:

I’m Kane Caldwell, an aspiring contemporary erotica Author. Writing had started years ago as a hobby but quickly turned into a passion. I am the epitome of a country boy with my jeans, t-shirt, hat, scruffy face, and work boots on, driving my truck. I’m in my mid-forties, but my mind tells me different. I live in the south where the weather is warm but most times sweltering hot. I have two teenage boys that I’m very proud to call my sons. When I have down time, I love to be surrounded by family, friends, great food, or engrossed in a good book. 


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Jacy & Trace Wedding Book Cover Reveal

Jacy and Trace's story is in final edits. And should be ready to publish by early next week.
Here's the BC.
If you haven't read the rest of the story, pick up a copy of BB&B. Just click on the book cover at the top of this blog.
BB&B is now available on Nook.

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Jacy & Trace

The blog that began it all...
Jacy and Trace's wedding blog will be available within the next few days for you to read in one place.
An ebook.
I promise it will be edited and as I noted at the end of my last blog for use erotic fans a honeymoon sex scene certain to heat up your sheets.
And my involve swings?
Honeymoon. St. Lucia Resort | Luxury Caribbean Resort:

Cover Reveal next week.
Stay Tuned

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Drug Abuse: Please let me share

Please let me share an experience I had on Monday and I ask you to pass it on. Not because I believe it will make a drastic change, but to bring awareness, and hopefully, will reach someone who needs to hear and know they're not alone.

Jury duty is one that, where I live, I've been called upon to serve almost every two years. If you haven't ever been called to serve on a jury, let me give a setup.
Jury duty consists of a three-month stint. About two-hundred people are sent out a letter and we show up on a certain date. If we are not called to the grand jury, then we go home and then call in on the day and times instructed on the calendar for each month.
I arrived fifteen minutes early. The room was filled with about seventy people. I found a seat on an already full bench, old church pews, hard slanted wooden, seats and backs that aren't made for sitting for long periods of time. People came in one by one or a few at the same time. By the time the court clerk had sworn in the ten or so who hadn't made it the week prior, taking care of that, and the late stragglers, every seat, in our courtroom was full and then some. People stood along the wall and around the back of the room.
Jurors must arrive by eight a.m. but the attorneys and judge wander in around nine and it's normally 9:30 when the process begins.
This is the first day of court for the Spring session. So, the judge gives a little pep talk. Thanks us for coming in and doing our civic duty. He speaks of the process and what will happen on the first day.
That day a grand jury would be seated. Those members make up of fourteen men and women, depending upon who's names are drawn from the lottery. There are twelve jurors and two alternates just in case an issue comes up. The rest of the jurors will be dismissed and come back the following week to sit on the cases the grand jury votes on.
I was hoping to win the grand jury lottery. I did.
Boy, was it an eye opener.
The process is different. We hear from the arresting officer and decide if he/she has presented enough information to actually bring charges against an individual. It is basically in our hands to say, "Yes, I believe there is enough evidence to show you are guilty of the crime."
Most of our cases were drug related. I recall two bills presented that had nothing to do with drugs or alcohol. 
Anyway, most of the crimes were petty. But when an individual, there were three that had numerous accounts brought against them, commits a dozen or more crimes, so they can obtain money to buy drugs, the charges become very serious and extremely sad.
I know first hand (my nephew is a drug addict, several uncles are alcoholics), what a drug addict or an alcoholic does to their family. Not only does the user suffer but every family member. It is heartbreaking to see my nephew go into rehab only to come out and complete the same process over and over again. He's been taking drugs since he was a teen. It's more important that he get a fix instead of taking care of his seven-year-old son. Very sad and frustrating.
As I listened to the charges, one officer stating the situation, the evidence collected and the accused's actions and sometimes thoughts given, each bill presented was sadder and sadder.
If these people had not been under the influence or needed a fix, the crimes I listened to yesterday would not have been committed.

Let me flip this to the other side for a moment. In the past, I have been a juror where people were accused of drug-related crimes. It was up to us to decide if the evidence noted he/she was guilty. Did they actually steal, run a stoplight and hit an individual's car and cause bodily injury. Yes, in some cases we have found the person guilty.
What happens after that, is out of my control. It is up to the judge to set the exact punishment. I know most often these individuals receive time-served, are expected to check themselves into rehab, and work with a probation officer.
Those types of punishments do not work unless the individual actually wants to change and worked diligently to kick their habit. A counselor friend of mine told us, the addict who tries to quit relapses at least ten times before he/she gets out of that life.
Do I want these addicts and alcoholics to be sent to prison with hardcore criminals? No. Putting addicts in jail, small county jails not prison, gets them off their drugs. It is for a short time, but they are in a controlled situation where they are not tempted by their past life or the hardships of life. Something they seem to need drugs for to cope with.
Do I believe their small slaps on the wrist is enough? No.
I don't have an answer. 
What I do know, is that drugs cause individuals to become criminals. I have seen it with my nephew, and now it is evident that it is more widespread in our area than I ever thought possible.

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A Married Man

Thank you for joining us. If you are up to date on the story just read on. To see previous blogs click on the dates below. 
Just a note. After reading the previous posts, you will notice this last one is in first person POV and present tense. The character insisted I write it this way.

The words “you may now kiss the bride” barely leaves the minister’s lips and my mouth meets Jacy’s in a slow, thorough kiss that immediately has my body buzzing. God, she feels so good in my arms. I press my hand into her waist aligning her torso and hips to mine. I’m not shy about letting her feel she means the world to me.
I need more of her.
Physically, the last week has been agony. Hell, the last month has. Being with her, way too often in the company of my family or her friends, but unable to make love with her. I never want to go through that again.
This last week was my own damn fault, but the plans I have for our honeymoon will more than make up for it.
I stop thinking and just enjoy the feel of her lips against mine.
In the next few moments, I believe I hear the minister introduce us, Mr. and Mrs. Blackwell. A possessiveness that surpasses any I have known with Jacy washes over me. She’s mine, now and forever.
There are cheers and whistles and shouts erupting around us, but I don’t, can’t, stop kissing Jacy.
Thoughts of dipping her as our kiss continues would allow me to press my groin closer to hers, but my jelly-legs won’t hold us up. They’ve been like that since the moment she walked out of the house. I haven’t been able to take my eyes off her.
Fuck, her wedding dress should be illegal. Wide straps hold up a lace concoction that molds to her body like a second skin, the neckline plunges into a deep V allowing me to see the swell of her breasts. My palms itch needing to hold the fullness of them in my hands. 
Weeks of torture has ended in ecstasy. Or will, as soon as we get out of here. Maybe if I stop kissing her now we can move to the party and get out of here that much sooner. But, my body wants what it wants. Jacy.
I grip the knot of hair, twisted into some kind of fancy ponytail, as I slant my mouth across hers, deepening the kiss. Sunlight highlights the gold in her auburn hair. I suppress the urge to run my fingers through the thick silky tresses and messing up her hairdo more than I already have. She doesn’t seem to mind, so I continue to kiss her. 
The cheers and whistles have turned into catcalls. And slowly the weight of the minister’s hand on my shoulder registers in my lust-filled brain. Just a minute more, I think. But then it occurs to me, maybe I should stop. Lord knows I need Jacy more than my next breath, but this day is for her.
How can I deny my desire for her? Any man would relish in the fullness of her lips. The color is like ripe plums from whatever lipstick she is wearing and tastes just as sweet. Her soft body begs for me to hold on to. And I give in to my desires.
I know I am being selfish. And my brain finally gains some semblance of control. I open my eyes, intending to let her go. Immediately I am staring into Jacy’s. The depth of those jade pools tells me she wants me just as much. It’s just the two of us.
It’s my cue to steal a little more time. I slip my tongue between her parted, breathless lips, knowing that it will be hours before the reception winds down and that I will be able to kiss her like this again. Her eyes widen, and the shimmer of tears returns.
God, the tears. Normally, I hate to see a woman cry. Any man does. But the look on Jacy’s face earlier made the last few weeks of torture worth it. I don’t have her way with words to describe the change that came over her when the townspeople announced she was their family, joining in giving her away.
Their action was worth her tears.
I had no idea when I confided to my brothers I was a little sad because Jacy had no living relatives that they would come up with an idea like this. I have lived in this small town most of my life. Except for going away to college, which became eight years, Landmark has been my home.
The people are warm and friendly, but also can be a pain in the ass, knowing everyone’s business. It was not a surprise that they rallied around my woman to make her feel welcome. However, for the first time, I am more than proud to call this place my home. I am in awe of these people and their generosity.
All too soon for my liking more than one pair of hands pulls us out of each other’s arms. The blush staining Jacy’s cheeks knowing the rub of my tongue on the roof of her mouth seconds ago mimicked love-making makes her all the more beautiful to me. I take a moment to drink in her beauty. Then, I hold out my arm and she takes it. I stand a little taller.
I tuck her close to my side, my hand covers hers, and we walk down the aisle together. I can’t tell you who attended the wedding, but knowing this place, it’s every single living soul or what they wore. I never let my gaze stray from Jacy. She stops often, accepting well-wishes and congratulations. I follow her lead.
Man, I thought I’d never marry or at least be much older when it happened. I wasn’t ready to settle down until her.
It is more than her body, a perfection of curves and lines; her pretty face open and bright; almost enough is her adoring green eyes and a full mouth that I can’t stop kissing. The accidental photo shoot and my picture on Stasia’s romance novel brought us together. Making love to her that night went a long way into me wanting more, but that is just one part of why I love Jacy.
Yes, we had a rough start. And I made some mistakes. The biggest one was when I had to chase after that bull Bradley tried to stiff me with. I almost lost Jacy. I expressed my regret, telling her over and over the night we made up, that I never meant to hurt her. I have tried to make it up since and will do everything in my power to make it up to her for the rest of our lives.
She has her faults as well. I am smart enough that I’m not about to tell her how wrong she was in not having faith in me, us. And she has told me that I have nothing to make up for. The woman is smart, saying we both were at fault and then apologizing for not trusting me and for us to put it past behind us.
She confessed she believed no man wanted her for more than just a good time in bed. She explained the problem she had with her past boyfriends, which made me want to hunt them down, throw a rope around them, and drag them through the mud just for being with Jacy.
They were the ones at fault leaving Jacy the way they did. One thing growing up seeing the way my father loves my mother, his actions taught me to treat a woman right.
Sure, I have had my share of women, dated one for several years in college. She messed with my head before I got wise and dumped her. After that, I came clean with anyone I went out with. They knew up front I wasn’t looking for a long-term relationship. Maybe that girl taught me to be wary of women like those men had Jacy shying away from a relationship.
I wasn’t looking for one with Jacy, it just happened.
The way she makes me feel. It is like I knew from the beginning she would hold my heart in her hands and lift me up, never use me for her own selfish gain or maliciously stomping on it. Still, I haven’t told her nearly enough how much I love her. But I hope she feels it in my touch and sees it in my actions.
I want to tell her. So, I requested only one song for our wedding. It will be the first thing she hears when we sit down at our private table during the reception and I take her hand in mine, “All of Me,” by John Legend. It may be his voice and words, the words I am not equipped to speak, but they come from my heart to my wife.

My wife. Jacy is my wife. I’m a married man. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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See, I can't keep my hands off her.
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Ladera Resort, St. Lucia
I'm taking Jacy to St. Lucia for our honeymoon.
Readers, don't be surprised if the book I put together for this has an epilogue with a smokin' hot sex scene. 

COLIN WAYNE / © ULRICH OEHMEN # pecs six pack abs eye candy bare chest hunk hot guy nice arms male body shirtless adonis armpits fitness model bodybuilder:

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l Do

Likes | Tumblr  i pinned this for hte outfits but not as much as i want that guy for a groom haha:
Stella York Spring 2016 Wedding Dress:

Thank you for joining us. If you are up to date on the story just read on. To see previous blogs click on the dates below. 

The quiet reflection Jacy had just asked her friends and family time for was shattered as Carrie, Summer and Austin’s daughter skipped into the room crying, “I do, I do,” Purple, white and yellow petals fell from the basket of flowers in her hand, her booted feet making clomping sounds on the wood floor.
She stopped in front of Jacy, looked up, pursed her lips, and made kissy noises.
“We’re getting married.”
Jacy stifled the laugh threatening to spill from her lips. The seven-year-old had such a serious look on her face. “We?” she asked.
“Yep, me, Trace, and you.” The child emphasized her uncle’s name and her face scrunched up a little when she said Jacy".
Startled, Jacy looked to Summer for clarification.
“She’s always said she would marry Trace one day.”
“Oh.” Jacy drew out the word.
“So, are you all right with Trace marrying me.”
“Sure. Mama explained it." She stood on her tiptoes and waited for Jacy to stoop down. She whispered her next words. “I’m too young. So, you can have him until I’m grown up.”
Jacy nodded her head. “That’s very kind of you.” She cleared her throat to keep from laughing at the child.
“I’ll let you know when I’m ready to take over,” she said matter of factly.
Jacy’s hand flew to her mouth; she stood, stifling, but failing to stop laughing. Muffled giggles penetrated the quiet room. The music outside swelled releasing her from having to reply.
“It’s time,” Carrie chanted, dancing around her mother’s legs.
“You ready?” Tam stuck her head through the doorway and asked.
Carrie’s lighthearted belief that the three of them were getting married today had been a welcome relief. Now, those butterflies that had been fluttering in her stomach suddenly grew three sizes and multiplied by a thousand.
She barely registered Summer instructing Carrie to pick up her petals and them leaving the room.
Overcome with emotions, Jacy looked around the room. This was it. Inhaling she turned to her friend and nodded. She dropped the veil on the bed, having suddenly decided that it wasn’t needed after all.  
Rehearsal didn’t prepare one for the real deal.
Oh, she knew the route. Down the hall stop at the top of the steps until the third song ended and then descend. She’d take a few short steps toward the living room. Jacy paused. She was standing under the long-horn chandelier, not remembering her trek down the stairs, but relived the moment she and Trace stood here for the first time.
Sparks flew, and a few times since, but unlike that day. Betrayal and shame had washed over her believing she had slept with a married man. She could smile about it now, but then… Jacy turned her thoughts to happier moments. Eating dinner at the large table with his family. Planning the wedding. Meeting the twins, Trace’s youngest brothers, Pierce and Parker for the first time.
The oversized room, she let out a nervous laugh, recalling looking around with awe that first day. Her living room and kitchen and the bathroom would fit into this one space alone. Yet, it had just been her and nana. This house was full.
Trace had moved back three years ago after college and working with several breeding farms to gain knowledge he wanted to implement at the Tumbling B. His oldest brother, Bohdon, bought stock for the professional rodeo circuit in Texas, Arizona, and Oklahoma. He was gone most of the time but came home during the off-season.
Austin and summer and their three children lived at Tumbling B, taking up the two upper floors on the east side of the house. Austin being a Veterinarian and Summer his assistant, meant they were out at odd hours. It seemed the best to live where the children would be taken care of while they were gone.
Pierce and Parker came home on holidays and a few weeks during the summer when classes were out. Yep, they needed a large home with so many people in the family.
Jacy let out a contented sigh. One day she hoped to add three or four children of her own to this family.
The door across the room opened breaking into her thoughts.
“Girl, you ready?”
She couldn’t help but smile at the big man. Like all the other men in the wedding party, he was dressed in jeans, white shirt, and vest. A cream-colored Stetson covered a head full of salt and pepper hair.
“Yes, Mr. Blackwell,” Jacy side walking toward him.
“Dad. Girl,” he took her arm, “I’ve told you to call me dad.”
“It will be official in a few short minutes, so, I guess it’s all right.”
“Damn straight. Was all right the minute I saw you giving my son what for. Knew you were just the woman for him.”
Jacy couldn’t stop the blush creeping over her face.
“None of that. My third son needed to be knocked down a peg or two. That think with Bradley hit him hard, but you had him chasing his tail, and building his confidence back at the same time. You’re good for him… and us. Welcome to the family, daughter.”
“Thank you, Mr… dad.” Jacy was honored to be included. His action mimicked her thoughts because he pulled her into a warm embrace. “I love my sons, but I always wanted a few girls. With you joining the family now I have two daughters.”
“Stop,” Jacy said in a low, choked voice. “You’ll make me cry.”
“Ah, you were goin’ to anyway.” He tucked a finger under her chin, tilting her head up. With the other hand, he pulled out a handkerchief. “I learned early on to always put a clean hanky in my pocket for Marni. That woman is stronger than toughest man out there, but the woman cries at the drop of a hat.” He spoke as he dabbed at her eyes with the cloth.
“Speaking of, and don’t you dare look, I’m sure she’s giving us the stink eye. Now, take my arm and let’s get into place.
Jacy was astonished, though she shouldn’t have been, the Mr. Blackwell accomplished three things at one time. He stuffed his handkerchief in his pocket while signaling for the music to begin the wedding march, and wrapped Jacy’s arm in his as they moved off the deck toward the ceremony section.
Up close, Jacy took in the beauty of it all. A center aisle separated white folding chairs. Along the inside edge stood galvanized buckets alternately filled with purple and white baby’s breath.  
Hay bales stacked together to make sofas sat along the outer edges, covered with lavender sheets. Upon seeing several women fanning themselves with ‘fan programs’, which Maddie came up with the idea, had Jacy suddenly feeling the heat.
However, she suspected it actually had something to do with seeing Trace. He was flanked by his brothers as groomsmen. Carrie swung her now empty basket, and her bridesmaid’s lined the left side of the flower covered arbor all waiting for her to arrive.
Jacy was so nervous she barely felt the reassuring squeeze Mr. B gave her or heard the music; she was so sensitized to the man she couldn’t take her eyes off of, who finally, would become her husband.
Lordy, he looks scrumptious. His pants, vest, and Stetson were in cream fabric, his shirt white, and boutonniere, a purple rose, adding just the right splash of color. Those were just dressing. He had a short scruff covering his jaw, his broad shoulders and long, lean legs pushed against the fabric of his clothes as if they knew it was useless to contain such masculinity.
His blue eyes, clear and bright, shone with such emotion, Jacy wasn’t sure if she had transmitted them to him or him to her. It mattered not. She would soon be Mrs. Trace Blackwell. And that suited her fine.
Suddenly her feet were moving, the soft grass and flower petals tickling her bare feet. Her heart beat a steady gallop, blood roaring in her ears.
She had no idea she could feel this light like she floated in the blue sky with the clouds while at the same time felt like she was drowning in the deepest sea unable to catch her breath.
So caught up in Trace’s powerful presence, the minister’s words didn’t register until he asked, “Who gives Jacy in marriage to Trace?” Sadness intruded, realizing she had no family to support her.
“Minister,” Mr. Blackwell’s deep, strong voice commanded attention. “Jacy lost her parents at a young age. A few short years ago, she lost her grandmother, nana, the woman who raised her. So, it is with great honor that I, Marni, and…” at that the entire assemblage of adults added, “the citizens of Landmark give this woman to this man in marriage.”
So overwhelmed Jacy’s heart burst with love and pride, and tears ran in fast rivulets down her cheeks.
“Now, now, none of that.” For the second time, Mr. B’s hanky came out and this time, he handed it to Trace to do the honors. Placing her hand in his son’s he made the three steps to sit by his wife.
What seemed to be hours later, and had been at least five to ten minutes of good crying, Jacy finally pulled herself together.
“Ready?” the minister asked.
“One more minute.” She faced Trace, gazing lovingly up at him, then turned to the crowd. “Thank you.” She paused to gather her thoughts. “Thank you for making me see that a wedding is so much more than a pledge between the couple. It is bringing together families. And…” tears slid down her face. She swallowed the lump forming in her throat, smiling and nodding until she could form the words. “All of you have become my family, some because of Trace, others because of my friendship with the people that live her, but all… all because you are loving caring people. Thank you so much.
Jacy inhaled, turned to Trace and said, “I’m ready.”

Repeating traditional vows, they spoke from their heart of love and commitment to one another. The words “you may now kiss the bride” barely left the minister’s lips when Trace pulled her to him, his mouth seizing hers in a slow, thorough kiss that had her body buzzing with want and need. 

je t'aime…..Ahhhhhh…Love this photo of the Bride and Groom. So Sixties!:

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Let's Elope

Thank you for joining us. If you are up to date on the story just read on. To see previous blogs click on the dates below. 

 Its a celebration all right. Jacy couldnt help the snort pushing out of her. She took one last look out the window and dropped her hand, letting the curtain fall between her and the scene outside.
Even she admitted it was breathtaking. 
 Photographing weddings, Jacy knew she didnt want something large or fancy for her own. To her, it was a pledge to the man she loved. But once she and Trace announced their engagement, the reality was a stark contrast to her humble idea.
 Marni's gentle, “I beg your pardon,” belied the censured look she stabbed them both with when Jacy told them she wanted a small wedding.
 That should have been her first clue. And once word spread, Jacy had no idea shed have to contend with Anastasia Barton and her grandmother, or Flory Johnson on top of Dani, Tamara, Summer, and Maddie.
 Not for the first time Jacy thought, we have gotten ourselves into a heap of a mess.
 By that time, she and Trace were sucked into the vortex of all their plans. By their, Jacy meant his family, her friends, and the entire town of Landmark.
 She had sent hundreds maybe even thousands of invitations, it seemed, to every man, woman, and child; and she believed, at least, a few horses and someones pet doves, her friends from Clarksville, her most loyal customers who would be devastated if she didn’t invite them, and Trace’s buddies from college, Paris, and Dallas.
 Lets elope, Trace whispered one rare night that they actually had seen each other, let alone him taking her home and holding her in her bed.  
 Not on your life, mister. Jacy longed to say yes and sneak away. She lowered her voice fearing from even the miles between the Tumbling B and Clarksville, Marni Blackwell could hear their intimate conversation. If I have to suffer your mother and sister-in-law then you do too.” She let out a snarky laugh. “Besides, they would never forgive me.”
 Id tell them it was my fault.
 Oh, don't make the mistake of thinking that your mother wouldn't know exactly whose fault it was, but Id still be blamed.”
 "Let's face it, we're stuck." They'd both commented at the same time. After that they spent the night making love, forgetting everyone but each other.
 That had been weeks ago. After the first week, she had given up and let them plan. Marni had been so thoughtful making sure nothing was too gaudy or garish, which Jacy should have realized would be the case; the woman was understated elegance herself.
Still Jacy was hard pressed to be angry. The Blackwell women, only a pair of adults and a girl child, in the past few weeks had welcomed her as another female into the fold. In fact, everyone in Landmark had treated her with kindness from the beginning. Now she was family.
 There wasnt a day that went by that someone emailed her a picture, dropped by with swatches, theme ideas, and floral suggestions. Somehow purple became the chosen color. It certainly wasn’t what Jacy had in mind, not that she had a moment's peace to actually think. But the wildflower arrangement Flory Johnson had brought by had been Jacy’s favorite. From that, Cally, the owner of Calico Cuts said they should be displayed in Mason Jars.
 Then there was the food. In the beginning, there had been a ton: beef sliders, chicken kabobs, ribs, pork and beef, and pimento cheese sent her way. That last dish had been a new one on her since it was a favorite in Kentucky and not Texas. Each to his or her own idea, though. Once Jacy had made it clear the meal was Mr. Blackwell’s domain, the food stopped coming. And not a moment too soon. Secretly she had enjoyed every dish, but it had created havoc with her weight. She had gotten back down and was able to fit into her dress again.
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 Jacy's heart swelled with the love and acceptance of the people of Landmark. And now she was certain she had done the right thing by sending out 'thank you' notes to every person who had made some suggestion for the wedding.
 Pushing aside the curtain, Jacy could see the barbecue set up back by the barn. Several wire grates the size of hay bales sat on metal poles above a long row of burning charcoal and hardwoods. Three different kinds of meat were being cooked, at least. She had heard someone say something about the shrimp better be grilled to perfection since he had spent last night shucking shells off the three pounds that had been ordered at the last moment to accommodate the influx of guests. Whatever that meant.
 Jacys gaze fell on tables. She inhaled sharply at the simple, but elegant decorations. Jacy was so thankful, and she had expressed it to Marni and the women who pitched in and helped, but she would do so again. Maybe the scrapbook she put together would please them.
 Jacy had captured each part of the process with her camera. She laughed remembering the day Janice Walker came into Lucy B's wearing an aqua green strapless chiffon dress and cowgirl boots. The dress was stunning and it went so well with Janice's golden skin and hazel eyes. She had been proud as punch walking up to Jacy saying, "this would be a perfect bridesmaid dress," and then asked Jacy who was standing up with her. Jacy had told her she had, and with the crestfallen look on her face, then immediately mentioned Marni needed help with serving, and the girl tripped over her feet beating it out the door. Jacy noticed several other women had hastily followed.
 One hand clutched the curtain the other her throat, Jacy watched the people of this small town work together to make her wedding day memorable. Tears filled her eyes. Now she couldn't fathom having a wedding without every last one of them. Yes, she thought once again. The digital scrapbook was the perfect gift for her new friends.
 Streamers of flowers dripped from the trees. Wooden troughs and metal wheelbarrows held drinks.
 "A hay bale sign would be as cute as could be," someone had suggested. Jacy couldn't miss the oversized placard with the word wedding for out of town guests as she drove up to the house this morning. Marni insisted the barn be painted white, the front anyway. After that, Jacy didn't bother to keep up with all of the suggestions. But Jacy couldn't agree more that it was the perfect backdrop for the ceremony and reception.
 Though the size of food stations, reception tables, and the ceremony seating area reminded Jacy of a two-ring circus, somehow it was...perfect.
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Smoothing her hands down the lace front of her wedding dress, Jacy’s thoughts drifted to Trace. She stood in his old bedroom now at the Tumbling B; a whirlwind four weeks after he asked her to marry him; the ceremony just minutes away. Jacy fingered the veil in her hands. It complimented the dress, but Jacy was still unsure if she wanted to wear it. Fearing to separate her view of Trace with even the slightest scrap of material.
Jacy inhaled deeply. Trace’s manly scent filled her lungs. It was silly really, that something so him could soothe her so easily. Surprisingly once she let herself trust her own heart, it was easy to give that same trust to Trace. Glancing around the room, she focused on his belongings, what was left of them. Most of his things had been moved to her house earlier in the week. Jacy was astonished, pleasantly so, when he insisted they live at her place. He wanted to build at the Tumbling B, but that could wait a while, he said, whenever Jacy was ready.
All that was left in his room now was the king-size bed and dresser. She wondered if the empty surface was normal or because of the move. Her bare feet whispered over the hardwood floor, then the black and brown rug as she moved to the nightstand. What had caught her eye, and drew her to the side of his bed, were the books. Three hardback crime novels lay stacked neatly one upon another.
She ran a finger along the spines before picking up the silver, wire-rimmed reading glasses. She smiled tenderly thinking how cute he'd look in them before gently laying them back in place. As often as possible these last few weeks they talked of their future. Trace had told her early on his love of reading. It wasn’t the proof that awed her, but Trace’s desire to get to know her.
There was still so much they didn’t know about one another. But she had told him of her fears the night he asked her to marry him. She had waited for him to laugh at her silliness, but he’d turned her in his arms, cupped her face in his big, calloused hands, lowered his head, and gently kissed her. Since then it had been easy to believe, to dream and plan their future together.
Music wafted up from the grounds below breaking into her reverie. It was time. Her heart stuttered to a stop and the butterflies in her stomach flitted furiously. Taking a deep breath, Jacy settled her nerves once more.
Calmness settled into her entire being and then an unnatural giddiness. She was ready. Ready to walk down the aisle, more like float if her feelings were accurate, toward Trace and their future together. 
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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

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A steady bass beat out a tempo from the MP3 player in Masters' Bar and Grille.
Catcalls and whistles reverberated from the room into the dining room.
Pitiful grunts and groans answered them back.
"Who planned this party?"
"Austin, Bohdon and Jax," Trace said, a smile split his face.
"And tell me again why we're here in the dining room and they're in the bar?" Hank asked.
"We were hoodwinked, sideswiped, blindsided," said the men who had planned the party.
Trace chuckled at the glum expressions on his brothers' and friend's faces. He really didn't mind that Jacy's bridal shower and bachelorette party combined was being held in the bar. He could keep an eye on her that way. And these guys plans for strippers and drinking until they couldn't stand wouldn't get him in trouble with his gal.
"Excuse me." He stood and strode toward the hallway that separated the two areas. He had already sneaked a peek earlier, and couldn't help but want to see Jacy again.
He had hoped to avoid this, part of the wedding festivities, but he should have known his mother wouldn't allow a small wedding within days of their engagement, and a bachelor party was a given. He hoped Jacy didn't mind. She seemed to be fine, taking it all in stride, but he had to be sure.
Hell, who was he kidding, he just needed to hold her in his arms and kiss her again to reassure himself this was all real.
Jibes of 'lost your man card' and someone started to use the P-word and whipped together, but Stubblefield took that moment to arrive with his two children in tow. The coughing and back-slapping grew quiet as he stepped into the bar. Trace ignored it all.
FOXERS White Lace Boxers (White Bow) - You'll feel sexy at your wedding or bachelorette party in these designer undies for from FOXERS Bridal collection.: "Her Strut" by Bob Seger had him pausing in the archway, but Jacy modeling a pair of white lace panties and matching bra almost knocked him down.
His gaze was rooted to the lovely curves for long minutes before realizing it was a cut out figure. Still, he hurriedly looked around the room and then toward the bar; it was empty of all but the women. He sighed heavily, eyed his bride to be. His gut clenched and his jeans tightened painfully. He had it bad if a likeness of her body aroused him that easily.
Absent-mindedly he moved into the room only to find his way barred by Flory Johnson and Gramma Barton.
"Ladies." He dipped his head in deference.
"That's right, son. Tonight this room's for ladies only."
"Unless he wants to do a striptease for us."
"Uh." Trace's mouth had become dry as dust.
"Now," both women eyed him like a piece of prime beef, "that's an idea I can get behind." The women wound their arms in his and began leading him into the room.
"Mmm, Ladies, I just came to see how my gal was doing?"
"She's fine and will be better once you do some dirty dancin' for us."
Trace turned to look over his shoulder as he was pulled away from the doorway. "Maybe..."
"Don't be shy, I'm sure she's played 'hide the snake' with you already."
"Mrs." Trace cleared his throat before he choked on the lump blocking his air passages. He gently extricated his arms from their grasp. "I... My friends..." He dipped his head once more, turned on his heel and beat a hasty retreat back to the dining room.

10 Creative Bachelorette Party Décor Ideas: "Hey, why don't we join the girls?"
"Yeah, it has to be more interestin' than our party."
Bra pong board... great for any event, especially for bachelorette/bachelor parties. Great for breast cancer awareness events. The list is endless!!!: "I helped Tamara put up decorations. Some kind of bra game, a board of panties and the food." Jax rubbed his hands together a look of glee blooming on his face.

The men stood as one.
"No," Trace practically shouted, his hands held in front of him to prevent his friends from making the mistake he had. He looked over his shoulder, for reassurance he hadn't been followed? He wasn't sure, but he wasn't about to return to that room.
"What gives?"
"It's those little old ladies."
"Those women are harmless."
"Don't bet on it."
Bachelor Party bouquet!: Trace watched helplessly as the men gathered their drinks and platters of food and left him standing alone at their tables.
Casting a wary glance at their retreating backs he decided to sit and wait for the fallout.
Only the sound of upbeat music met his straining ears. His frown turned into a smirk then all out grin. It wouldn't be long now.
He sat straight in his chair waiting for the sounds of feet stampeding his way.
Laughter met his straining body. "What the..."
Trace jumped up, sending the chair crashing. He skidded to a stop just inside the bar entrance. Jax had Gramma Barton on the dance floor while Bohdon and Flory Johnson did the two-step. Couples filled the dance floor.
He narrowed his eyes. "Why those old..."
"What?" he snapped, looking toward the voice.
"Jacy." He drew the word out reverently, breathlessly. God, she was beautiful standing in front of him wearing a red dress. His gaze ran down and back up her body.
Not a red dress, but the red dress.
His sharp intake of breath ended with his lungs constricting. Images of making love to her in the kitchen while her wrists were restrained with the same dress she wore now slammed into his brain. So much so that he almost missed Jacy's whispered, "let's get out of here."
He must have agreed because the next thing he knew her small hand was in his and she was pulling him toward the exit.
"Jacy," he said, all the while admiring her assets as they wove their way through the restaurant. "I think we should wait until after." He couldn't believe those words had come out of his mouth. And, he was certain to regret it about the time he walked her to her door, but it was just two more days and she'd be his wife. There was something about the thought of making to love to her for the first time as his wife that made him harder than ever before.
She stopped just outside the door. "Are you sure?"
"Yes. But if you want to..."
"I... I want you, but waiting... I kinda like that idea also."
"Then let's go back in."
"No." She put her hand on his arm. "Let's go home."
"But we just said..."
"Not to make love just... I want n evening... just the two of us."."
"You didn't like your party?"
"Yes, but now I want to be with you."
"I want to be with you, as well."
"Then take me home."

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