Friday, April 15, 2016

A Married Man

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Just a note. After reading the previous posts, you will notice this last one is in first person POV and present tense. The character insisted I write it this way.

The words “you may now kiss the bride” barely leaves the minister’s lips and my mouth meets Jacy’s in a slow, thorough kiss that immediately has my body buzzing. God, she feels so good in my arms. I press my hand into her waist aligning her torso and hips to mine. I’m not shy about letting her feel she means the world to me.
I need more of her.
Physically, the last week has been agony. Hell, the last month has. Being with her, way too often in the company of my family or her friends, but unable to make love with her. I never want to go through that again.
This last week was my own damn fault, but the plans I have for our honeymoon will more than make up for it.
I stop thinking and just enjoy the feel of her lips against mine.
In the next few moments, I believe I hear the minister introduce us, Mr. and Mrs. Blackwell. A possessiveness that surpasses any I have known with Jacy washes over me. She’s mine, now and forever.
There are cheers and whistles and shouts erupting around us, but I don’t, can’t, stop kissing Jacy.
Thoughts of dipping her as our kiss continues would allow me to press my groin closer to hers, but my jelly-legs won’t hold us up. They’ve been like that since the moment she walked out of the house. I haven’t been able to take my eyes off her.
Fuck, her wedding dress should be illegal. Wide straps hold up a lace concoction that molds to her body like a second skin, the neckline plunges into a deep V allowing me to see the swell of her breasts. My palms itch needing to hold the fullness of them in my hands. 
Weeks of torture has ended in ecstasy. Or will, as soon as we get out of here. Maybe if I stop kissing her now we can move to the party and get out of here that much sooner. But, my body wants what it wants. Jacy.
I grip the knot of hair, twisted into some kind of fancy ponytail, as I slant my mouth across hers, deepening the kiss. Sunlight highlights the gold in her auburn hair. I suppress the urge to run my fingers through the thick silky tresses and messing up her hairdo more than I already have. She doesn’t seem to mind, so I continue to kiss her. 
The cheers and whistles have turned into catcalls. And slowly the weight of the minister’s hand on my shoulder registers in my lust-filled brain. Just a minute more, I think. But then it occurs to me, maybe I should stop. Lord knows I need Jacy more than my next breath, but this day is for her.
How can I deny my desire for her? Any man would relish in the fullness of her lips. The color is like ripe plums from whatever lipstick she is wearing and tastes just as sweet. Her soft body begs for me to hold on to. And I give in to my desires.
I know I am being selfish. And my brain finally gains some semblance of control. I open my eyes, intending to let her go. Immediately I am staring into Jacy’s. The depth of those jade pools tells me she wants me just as much. It’s just the two of us.
It’s my cue to steal a little more time. I slip my tongue between her parted, breathless lips, knowing that it will be hours before the reception winds down and that I will be able to kiss her like this again. Her eyes widen, and the shimmer of tears returns.
God, the tears. Normally, I hate to see a woman cry. Any man does. But the look on Jacy’s face earlier made the last few weeks of torture worth it. I don’t have her way with words to describe the change that came over her when the townspeople announced she was their family, joining in giving her away.
Their action was worth her tears.
I had no idea when I confided to my brothers I was a little sad because Jacy had no living relatives that they would come up with an idea like this. I have lived in this small town most of my life. Except for going away to college, which became eight years, Landmark has been my home.
The people are warm and friendly, but also can be a pain in the ass, knowing everyone’s business. It was not a surprise that they rallied around my woman to make her feel welcome. However, for the first time, I am more than proud to call this place my home. I am in awe of these people and their generosity.
All too soon for my liking more than one pair of hands pulls us out of each other’s arms. The blush staining Jacy’s cheeks knowing the rub of my tongue on the roof of her mouth seconds ago mimicked love-making makes her all the more beautiful to me. I take a moment to drink in her beauty. Then, I hold out my arm and she takes it. I stand a little taller.
I tuck her close to my side, my hand covers hers, and we walk down the aisle together. I can’t tell you who attended the wedding, but knowing this place, it’s every single living soul or what they wore. I never let my gaze stray from Jacy. She stops often, accepting well-wishes and congratulations. I follow her lead.
Man, I thought I’d never marry or at least be much older when it happened. I wasn’t ready to settle down until her.
It is more than her body, a perfection of curves and lines; her pretty face open and bright; almost enough is her adoring green eyes and a full mouth that I can’t stop kissing. The accidental photo shoot and my picture on Stasia’s romance novel brought us together. Making love to her that night went a long way into me wanting more, but that is just one part of why I love Jacy.
Yes, we had a rough start. And I made some mistakes. The biggest one was when I had to chase after that bull Bradley tried to stiff me with. I almost lost Jacy. I expressed my regret, telling her over and over the night we made up, that I never meant to hurt her. I have tried to make it up since and will do everything in my power to make it up to her for the rest of our lives.
She has her faults as well. I am smart enough that I’m not about to tell her how wrong she was in not having faith in me, us. And she has told me that I have nothing to make up for. The woman is smart, saying we both were at fault and then apologizing for not trusting me and for us to put it past behind us.
She confessed she believed no man wanted her for more than just a good time in bed. She explained the problem she had with her past boyfriends, which made me want to hunt them down, throw a rope around them, and drag them through the mud just for being with Jacy.
They were the ones at fault leaving Jacy the way they did. One thing growing up seeing the way my father loves my mother, his actions taught me to treat a woman right.
Sure, I have had my share of women, dated one for several years in college. She messed with my head before I got wise and dumped her. After that, I came clean with anyone I went out with. They knew up front I wasn’t looking for a long-term relationship. Maybe that girl taught me to be wary of women like those men had Jacy shying away from a relationship.
I wasn’t looking for one with Jacy, it just happened.
The way she makes me feel. It is like I knew from the beginning she would hold my heart in her hands and lift me up, never use me for her own selfish gain or maliciously stomping on it. Still, I haven’t told her nearly enough how much I love her. But I hope she feels it in my touch and sees it in my actions.
I want to tell her. So, I requested only one song for our wedding. It will be the first thing she hears when we sit down at our private table during the reception and I take her hand in mine, “All of Me,” by John Legend. It may be his voice and words, the words I am not equipped to speak, but they come from my heart to my wife.

My wife. Jacy is my wife. I’m a married man. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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