Saturday, April 30, 2016

Jacy and Trace - Live

Jacy and Trace's story is published. Thank you all for the support here on my blog.
The story changed, mainly in POV to all first person. After the last chapter, Trace insisting it be written in first person and in present tense, I edited the rest of the paragraphs.
I also edited out my mistakes and added descriptions and actions.

Here's the cover and excerpt.
Find them for .99 cents @

Excerpt from the Bachelor/Bacheloretted Party. 
Warning: Racy scene follows.

I was starving. And it wasn’t for the thirty-two-ounce Porterhouse I had ordered. It seemed it had been days since I felt her supple body beneath mine cradled between her thighs, sliding in and out of her heated core clenching on my… Fuck, it had been longer since I’d bound her to the bed, lying helpless and at my mercy; the hint of uncertainty mixed with the heat of her desire shining in her eyes, fueling my need eating at me.
I wanted to take my time slowly ravishing her. To feel the weight of her plump breasts cushioned in his hands. Her peach colored nipples tightening to diamond points begging for my touch. I’d nip and suckle one, all the while rolling the other between my fingers. Clamp them a chain extending from the ends I would tug just to watch her head thrash and hear those guttural moans. 
God, I ached to slide my tongue along her slick folds taking her engorged and quivering bud in my mouth, lapping up her honeyed cream. She, wet and writhing her hips bucking upward in unfulfilled need. Teasing her with feather-like strokes with the pad of my fingers and tongue, biting the soft flesh of her inner thighs licking away the hurt until her body trembled on the edge of insanity. Not until she melted with the knowledge of my command over her entire being would I give her the pleasure she ached for before I found my own release.
“Dude, you didn’t like my toast?” Presly said.
“Ugh, sure.”
“You weren’t even listening.”
“I… sorry kid. My mind was on…” My gaze darted across the room. “I’ve been caught and I freely admit it.”
Their eyes followed mine, knowing grins filled their faces. “Yeah, who needs to know he’s the best bro when he’s got a cutie on his mind.”
“Pres, I am sorry.”
“Like I said, to the best brother, I hope I find a woman half as beautiful, talented, and loves me just as much.”

Was that a wistful note I detected in his voice? Cheers erupted around me, turning my thoughts away from the youngest member of the Blackwell clan. My gaze kept straying back to open doorway. Dammit, what the hell was I doing fantasizing of having sex with my woman in a crowded restaurant? I couldn’t resist the urge to see Jacy any longer but if I stood now everyone in the room would see my dick was leading the way. I needed a distraction in the worse way. 

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