Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Watch for it

Good morning. As many have seen here on my blog, my past excerpts of both Boxer Briefs and Boots and Jacy and Trace, a cowboy cover model short story.
And, you know I pulled them out of circulation to use Pronoun Publishing.
A few things have changed since I made that decision.
So, here's the lowdown.
I am republishing them. After advice from a friend both books are being revamped. Just minor things, but important enough to address.
I am going to republish on my own. Pronoun looks good, but not sure I'm ready for that route. I am still investigating. They look good, but I want to be 100% certain.
Lastly, I have new covers. No drastic changes but ones I think you'll like.
So, watch for the new cover of Boxer Briefs  & Boots later this week.

Boxer Briefs & Boots

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