Wednesday, June 1, 2016

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Boxer Briefs & Boots blurb

~~The room shifted. His lips, full, firm, sensual, pressed against hers. Her eyes shot open, startled at being caught. Her sigh of relief that his were still closed was short-lived. The room tilted and she found herself on her back. A large hand gripped her hair angling her head as he slashed his mouth across hers. Her lips parted in a gasp and he took the opportunity to plunder. Who knew a slow, methodical assault with lips and tongue was so sexy? Closing her eyes, she lost herself in the model, giving as good as she got. Her last coherent thought was, “Wow, even unconscious the cowboy could kiss~~”

Jacy Rawlins' big break became a big flop almoar overnight. What was to be her leap from plain photographer of weddings, babies, and school children turned disastrous when she photographed the wrong man. And boy howdy, what a man he was. But now the author and cowboy are gunning for her and Jacy has no recourse but to make the walk of shame; get him to sign on the dotted line or her new career as a book cover designer will be over before it's begun. There’s only one problem. Jacy thinks she slept with him the night of the shoot.

Trace Blackwell doesn't need the unwelcome attention of his likeness plastered on the cover of a romance novel even if it is just his torso. He's a respected businessman; his parents, siblings, and the people of Landmark look up to him; and the annoying publicity would just make the lawsuit he's fighting in court that much worse. On top of that, he's distracted by dreams of making love to a feisty redhead. The photographer unexpectedly turning up at his ranch has Trace realizing those images of them making love are real. Now, he'll do anything, like allowing his likeness to stay on the cover, just as long as he can get to know the woman who has haunted his dreams.

Boxer Briefs & Boots Rerelease