Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday Teaser

“You!” Jacy gripped his boulder-sized arm and tugged him a short distance away, forgetting they weren’t alone. “We need to talk, now.” Her whisper echoed through the hall.
“Sure, baby.” His slow perusal had electric tingles skating up and down her body, making her wish she’d opted for pants and a long-sleeved shirt, possibly a sweater, zipped up to her neck even though it was a sunny warm spring day, instead of the knee-length denim skirt and a boxy tank top.
“And here I thought you were someone I’d like to get to know better.” Jacy’s quiet tone dripped derision, or what she hoped sounded something like it. But being near him, his heat searing her and the masculine smell of leather, sweat, and some spicy cologne, had her head spinning. She suspected she would jump into his arms any moment now.
Trace’s brow shot up. “What do you mean thought?” He pulled Jacy toward the back of the house. She dug in her heels.
“No need to.”
Jacy heard a feminine chuckle behind them. “Trace, honey, you’ve done it again.”
“Carp on a cracker.” Jacy barely refrained from stamping her sandaled foot on the hardwood floor. How could she have forgotten his wife?
“Trace. Jacy’s here to see your…”
“Me.” He turned his back to Jacy. “We met a few…month ago and…”
“Is that true, Jacy?”
“Yes…” Jacy was wrong. She could feel worse. Nana would be mortified to know Jacy had thrown herself at a married man.
“I can handle this…”
“Wait a minute.” Summer pushed past Trace, took Jacy’s arm and tucked it into hers. “Heaven knows I love him.” She jerked her head toward the man beside her. “He’s a wild one. But if you’re not sure…”
A high-pitched squeal came from the kitchen grew louder and closer, as a pint-sized version of Trace rushed into the room. “Mama, tell Houston to stop pullin’ my pigtails.”
Jacy gritted her teeth in anger. How dare he? She had to come clean. Yet, as she opened her mouth—to confess or console the woman, she didn’t know which—Jacy had never been so relieved in her life when the woman’s attention was drawn toward the child.

“Carrie, baby,” the woman scolded as she disappeared around the stone wall, leaving her alone with the handsome rogue, “how many times do I have to tell you, stop your whinin’ and give your brother what for. Houston…”

Boxer Briefs & Boots

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