Friday, September 16, 2016

A Six Pack

Oooh, the connotations those three words in the title bring to mind.
It's Friday, so, some will be stopping by their favorite convenience store, picking up one or more six packs of their favorite beer.

It's still hot enough that tomorrow we can spend time at the pool, checking out Mr. Hottie and his six pack. And even if it's cool in your area, I'm sure you're looking forward to an hour at the gym just to watch those six packs harden and bunch in bench presses and curls.

It's football season and that means tailgating. Whether you're rooting for your favorite college team or pro, there's bound to be numerous six packs of alcohol and soda to quench the fire of hot wings and chili.

But, that's not the six pack I'm referring to.
Tamara and Jax.
They're heating up Landmark, Texas rivaling their counterparts, Jacy and Trace in the romance department.


Jax would take one look at her and think late lunch. A business meeting to finalize the plans for his photo shoot with Jacy.
Certainly not ‘date’. Then why did she continually have to remind herself that?
Maybe because of the way her body lit up like a thousand fireflies on a sultry summer evening when he was near. And the sheer top? That was a given, it advantageously showed off the navy lace bra beneath it.
She may not want to date him, but she sure as heck wanted to leave him with a lasting impression. Well, she didn’t have to worry. Her honey-colored skin and bra showed through the material. So much so, that the lace flowers, centering each cup, was the only thing that hid her nipples. The ones tightening to hard points at the thought of Jackson’s gaze zeroing in on her breasts.
Tamara dropped her head to her chest. Way to go. You’re attracted to the one man in this town you really do not need to have a fling with.
She laughed, a low seductive sound that boys had—Tamara shuddered at the past surfacing involuntarily. Her alto voice had won her fame long before she understood the consequences. In the beginning, it was teen heaven; all too quickly becoming adolescent hell.
Tam quickly squelched the unwanted images. Yeah, thinking of the cowboy was a safe place for her mind to wander. Like a minefield of booby traps just waiting for one misstep.
Right, no reason at all to be nervous.
Why was she attracted to Jax? Even before she agreed to the double-date, she was aware of the man on an elemental level. Since that night, learning he was smart and funny as well as drop-dead gorgeous, she was in a constant state of arousal.
The pulse in her neck throbbed; a low hum, like she put out a low voltage of electric current, vibrated within her body. Her nipples puckered and her belly clenched as she surreptitiously watched him in public. Stalker much.
It was best to steer clear of the man. After today, of course.

She ignored the soaring disappointment that this was the last few hours alone with the scrumptious cowboy. Get your mind on business.

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