Thursday, May 4, 2017

Stolen Hearts

This is a text scene I'm working on for the Stolen Hearts Series I'm working on. Very raw (pun intended).

Hi. Tell me u need some dark dominance.
Since you ordered me to wear the heels for you, I imagined it was your hands that pulled the leather tight around my ankles, your fingers grasping the clasp, buckling me into them; you’ve been on my mind constantly.
I’m wet wanting to feel you inside me.
Hmm… Constantly wet?
Yes. You creep into my head during the day. At night I lie alone in bed wanting you here. I ache to feel the forceful grip of your hand around my neck, pulling me up on my knees, my back to your muscled chest as you take me from behind.
Have u been masturbating?
I followed your instructions and have not.
Do u like being obeying?
I like being dominated. But I’m a brat.
Brats have been known to be beaten, occasionally.
With your hand, I hope.
You could buy a toy or two to use for me?
What toys did you have in mind?
A nice butt plug and some slippery ben-wa balls.
Oh, you know what buttons to push. I hate butt plugs. I’ll find them online and email links to you for your approval.
Email me the links.
Oh, I got busy cooking supper and forgot to text that I sent them.
U can call me Sir.
Yes, Sir.
Your clit is throbbing, isn’t it?
Yes, Sir.

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